Saving my 250-Savage- is it worth it? Talk me out of it.

CL, being the quarterbore fan you are, you could always go with the 250 AI (40 degree shoulder), otherwise the exact same case as the 25 Creedmoor...or even the 2Fity Hillbilly. But then again, the 250 Savage is a great cartridge...just under-appreciated by the less informed new shooters of today!
If you did go with the 250AI, you can get properly headstamped brass for it from Quality Cartridge. (I did) Not cheap, but a nice option.
They just need a fired case from your chamber to ensure you are getting the proper case for your rifle, as there are a couple of different versions out there.

And I like the 6.5 Cloverleaf!!!...sounds like a great idea! Have to restamp the cartridge designation on the side of my rifle! :cool: Matches its performance!
(But maybe after our Africa trip so we don't confuse the firearms officials with non-matching ammo and firearm !:LOL:)
"Im guessing the FM Mounts arent going to fit the Interarms action, so that means new bases."

I'm thinking you meant FN mounts and not FM, right? I'm thinking that if your FN action is a commercial then the mounts should work. The Zastava is a direct copy of the FN Mauser. I've had a couple years back. As a matter of fact, all my customs are based on mostly FN Mausers with a few milsurps thrown in. Good luck on the fix. I hope it works out for you.
Paul B.
There is nothing wrong with getting a 6.5 Creed. There will be an investment in getting dies and bullets , but I’m sure the outcome will be well worth it.