Grayboe Stocks??


Dec 2, 2010
For my 7-08 project, I'm looking at a Grayboe stock. Just wondering if anyone has used on and how they like them.


Mar 28, 2017
I have an Outlander. It was inlet for a Remington 700 short action. I put a Bighorn Origin in it. Had to lengthen the port cut just a tad and I also opened the barrel channel for a larger contour. I have not bedded it, it sets on the factory pillars perfectly. I got a M5 bottom metal inlet, that is also very precise.

The material it’s made out of is solid. It is easily worked. It is very similar to the fill McMillan uses in there Edge Tech stocks, but it’s the whole thing, not just the fill. There is no shell, the whole stock is poured in a mold. It’s a touch heavy at 29oz. The forearm will accommodate a larger contour than they advertise. The Outlander is a good value as long as you don’t add a lot of extras. Their other stocks cost just as much as their high end competitors if you start adding stuff to them.

So to sum up, good stock, just watch the added components.