My Wifes New Toy......


Aug 3, 2012
Having a short wife and her desire to own a black rifle takes in some thought.

I started out with a MagTech magnesium alloy lower and then an E.R. Shaw 11.5 inch pistol upper on it AFTER we extended the barrel with a 5.5 inch flash suppressor.

A1 style triangle forehand with skate board tape on the under side to prevent slippage for her small hands and an A1 pistol grip. Like me, she hates the A2 pistol grip with the nubby on it.

The stock is an Ace Skeleton Entry Stock from Model 1 and fits her pull almost perfectly without having to adjust it.

I put in a DPMS trigger for trials and she likes it so much it is staying. I have to admit it is smoother than I considered it should be. We got lucky here.

Note that the forehand in the photo is a dark green, it has since been replaced with a black set to smooth out the appearance.

Optics is the Bushnell Trophy 1 x 32 Red/Green. She prefers it to my EoTechs.

Overall Length is 32.125 inches from end to end and weights approx. 6.9 pounds.


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Guy Miner":3gl2ft9e said:
That looks like fun.

And well thought-out.



We had it down in Texas back in April hitting Javalina size steel targets are 300 meters using 55 grn Federal XM855 ammo.

Surprised the dickens out of me for sure.
I am glad you see your wife is enjoying the shooting sports! It looks like it would be a lot of fun to shoot.