Native Wildflowers and Grasses Gardens


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Nov 4, 2004
Wrapped up another summer long project yesterday. We seeded about 1 acre around the house with native wildflowers and native grasses. The intent is to enhance wildlife, improve pollinator population and add natural beauty. There are about 25 different species of flowers and grasses which will be bloom between April and September. Sue and I started our prep in these areas in January by cutting and treating the Autumn Olive, clearing brush and tilling these areas 3 times.
The fall seeding will allow the seed to settle in the soil. The freeze/thaw approach is exactly how mother nature sees seeds. It will take 3-4 years to fully mature and be established.
It was a labor of love and can't wait to start seeing the results starting next spring. Being retired now has given me the time to work on these projects and being involved with the NRCS helps greatly with the funding.



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Appears to be a delightful project, Jim.:love: About the only problem I can see is that it could attract a hoard of greenies wanting to enroll you as one of them!:rolleyes:
Nice work, Jim and Sue. I bet the results will be fantastic, although the "greenies" DrMike is talking about above could be an issue.
LOL fellas. Don't worry about the tree huggers.
The reputation I have around here is to just stay clear of this property.
And the two trespassers I'm currently dealing with are about to feel some real pain!

The pollinators consist of bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. The butterfly larva support song birds. This also attracts rabbits which attract fox, bobcats, hawks, owls and bald eagles. Also provides bedding for the deer. It's all intertwined to provide a balance.

Outstanding project JD. Thank you for doing this. The "farmer in me finds it inspiring and exciting. CL
Have started converting about 1/3 of my front yard to natural plants. It's just a quarter-acre in-town lot, nothing like JD338's land. :)

Might do the backyard as well. The lawns are not a good choice here in our dry climate - about 8" of rain a year. Yes, Washington. The "other" Washington, which is essentially a near-desert.

Catherine is very proud of you! Her Doctorate is in the study of such things, actually worked on a study that identified the largest living organism, it’s a fungi not Aspen. She also said that every body should (in the arid west) should do like Guy is doing. Get these projects going and you save a fortune on water and round up and time spent mowing. Well done Jim, Sue and Guy.
Thanks Don. It's a monumental task on this property but we will conquer. It's keeping us busy and in shape too!
Looking forward to showing you when you make it out this way.