Nosler Customer Service is Terrible


Jan 29, 2012
To start the story... I purchased a Nosler M48 Westerner about 2 years ago. Cabelas had a policy which didn't allow me to dry fire the rifle. When I got it home, I noticed the bolt was very difficult to cock after the trigger had been pulled. I called customer service and they assured me that it would break in. So I throw it and the safe and forget about it. In December I take it out of the safe and try to take the bolt apart. Could not open it by hand, needed to secure it in a vise to take apart and put back together. Call Customer Service again, they tell me to send in the bolt only. I do that and wait. In January, they tell me to send in the rest of the rifle so I did that. I was told six weeks ago the rifle was almost done. Since then, their customer service has gone silent. I have sent several emails and left several VMs without a response. I am beyond pissed right now.
Huh. We just had another fella on here who had an extended saga over his Nosler rifle.
Doesn't sound good. Sounds like another dark tale that appeared here a few months back.
You should have tried the trigger and action before leaving the parking lot. At least you would have known that there was something wrong with it immediately after purchase.

Escalate this up the corporate ladder.
Maybe someone who have the VP’s number can share it with Wayne

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It’s a shame this stuff happens.

It’s a travesty to get not be heard since last I knew they weren’t giving them away for free.
Yea mine was the same way , said there cnc cut on the bolt was wrong on a batch of guns an they have to recute a new bolt, my gun legit looks like the sales guy sad, finish in the action looked like crap so I was told they would redo it only to send the gun back with the bolt fixed (shitty finish wore down 3 bolt cycles worth) but finish looking like crap still(inside the action), then further inspection other parts looked hacked on it, Mag well, bolt release pin , stock was not cut to the right depth for the action so the trigger was way up, yea pretty sad....
They are completely rebuilding mine. New bolt and barrel. Apparently barrel was giving bad pressure signs on factory ammo. Good thing I never got around to shooting it.
Maybe Nosler is growing too fast or has lost some essential employees for whatever reason.

I don’t know but it sounds like something has upset the Nosler apple cart. I hope they get it all straightened out.


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Pretty much par for the course for Nosler. It really does suck that BPS and Cabelas won't allow a thorough inspection prior to buying a gun.
Yeah.. they ended up refusing to give me a fluted barrel on the rebuild (which the rifle had originally) so I had them refund my money. Pretty disappointing.