Old Fixed 4x or 6x


May 4, 2011
I’ve been scouring the net for a good vintage scope for my 1903 Springfield Wildcat sporter. Bought a Weaver K4-C3 n on eBay, it was advertised as being in serviceable condition, it was not. Not looking to blow a lot of money here but if someone has a Weaver, Lyman, Leupold etc. fixed 4 or 6 power scope they would sell me cheap please pm. Needs to be in decent shape on the outside, reticle not super important. Let me know what you have.
Thanks Slimfinn, but he won’t ship. Also was looking to spend more like $50-$60 tops. I appreciate your help just the same.

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Sorry, don't have 1 to spare But:

Check out local your local pawnshops and gun shows.
I've found several old scopes for the same period correct reason as you want.
And the prices were about in your range & somewhat negotiable.
A buddy of mine had one of those old steel tube Weaver K4s that had been non-functional for years. He found a guy who rebuilt it- if I recall it was something like $50 to completely go through it. He was happy with it.

The guy is apparently retired from one of the optics companies and rebuilds them as a hobby- I'll see if I can get some contact info.
Hodgeman, i already returned the scope for a refund dangit. Will just have to keep looking.

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Just stumbled on your post. These guys send me an email every few weeks. :roll: :twisted: :lol: Some how they acquired a large cash of old steel tube weaver stuff but they sell other stuff too. All have a function guarantee. Should be something here that will help. Cosmetic condition seems to dictate price and the super nice ones aint cheap, but they should have something that will work, CL


I have 2 K-4's and a D-4 weaver but not parting with those! :) CL
Did you find your scope, Filmjunkie?

Not sure if it's exactly what you want since you had a K4-C3 but I have a K4-1 Microtrac 4x32mm (I think) sitting here.

Send me a PM if you want photos or whatever.

God Bless
I did find a scope. I went with and old steel tube Weaver 3-9 variable that was given to me as a gift from a family member. Thanks for replying fellas!

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