Planning a Christmas break hunting trip for next year, need input


May 13, 2020
My son has anything that he would ever really need as a kid and is only into hunting and sports so for next Christmas I want to plan a hunting trip that we could take during Christmas break. My two nephews are about the same as my son in terms of their love of hunting so they would probably go too. We live in Kentucky so we are looking to go south and within driving distance. I would like to take them on a hunt where they have the possibility of taking multiple game, deer / hog combo would be great. I know that several states in the southern US have liberal rifle seasons for deer and also have hog problems.
Does anyone have any recommendations on the best state to try and hunt and also any specific recommendations on a person or lodge / outfitter to reach out to?
Never hunted there but Catherine and I spent a month exploring the Texas Hill Country last winter. It’s all private but there were deer and hogs everywhere as well as exotic game ranches. Seemed like a guy could stay pretty busy in that country.
Arizona also has some winter solstice time frame hunts. One of our neighbors is there now but I know he used points for his deer tags.
I am eligible for adoption by the way!
I don't have any experience with that in the southeast, but there sure are a lot of lodges/outfitters available!

Friend of mine went to Georgia during the winter after buck season to hunt hogs on a lodge-plantation type hunt and had a good time as well as bringing home some meat. Dan.