Precision rifles


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Sep 30, 2004
I have fallen quite hard for PRS style rifles. The adjustability, the precision, the accuracy, and minimal recoil. I find myself shooting them more than any other style of rifle.

Here is my current lineup of PRS style rifles.

2x 308s, a 6.5 and 22 creedmoor, and 22 rimfire trainer. The only hard part is finding a place to shoot long enough to stretch their legs.

It seems like not many other guys shooting the “new fangled” style rifles on here. What’s everybody else shooting?

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Dec 26, 2016
That is dandy! They look functional and fun!

I’m shooting, regular hunting rifles..savage, Winchester, Marlin.

Definitely like them all.

No MSR or precision rifles yet.

I hunt a lot, practice and reload.

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Dec 13, 2013
Ruminating on getting into it. So far this winter I’ve been out bid the last minute, three times on Ruger #1.

Might just change direction. My 19 year old guide came out last weekend to shoot. He had just picked up a Bergara precision rifle, all set up in 6.5.
About 15 minutes and 15 rounds later he had worked his way to the 400 yard plate.
Chronographed five rounds, did a little math, fired three rounds, adjusted on the dust signature, he’s banging the 10” 800 yard plate.
Dang things are fun!

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