Quick Load?


Jan 25, 2019
Thinking of getting Quick Load and was wondering what you guys think of it that have it. I have bummed data from friends (M1Garand) for some time and figured it’s high time to stop being a mooch. It seems like you get more honest data that isn’t watered down so much. I happen to love cartridges that are always lawyered down to anemic levels being the 280 Remington and the 35 Whelen. A couple of Rodney Dangerfields of the shooting world if there ever was. I do all my “computer” stuff off an iPad and wasn’t sure if they made quick load for an Apple iPad format. Thanks in advance for the information.
QL is a great tool and a good toy for acquiring new knowledge via the "what if" games that can be played with it. However, QL does N-O-T generate loading data as we generally use the term. I say that because bonafide, published loading data is pressure tested and QL outputs are mere computations.

I am a .280 fan from way back, myself, and my interest in the cartridge's full potential led me down several paths over the last several decades. QL has been a great teacher, but I have found that it must be used with great care if you're planning on pushing a cartridge beyond its common limit. NEVER take a QuickLOAD solution as holy gospel and pay close attention to what your chronograph is telling you because the chronograph is giving you the best clues available as to what your pressures are unless you have access to pressure measurement equipment.