Rem 700 6mmRem??


Dec 2, 2010
This past summer my buddies dad called me and said he had a Rem 700 bull barrel in 6mmRem that can't shoot a decent group and wanted help. I got the rifle and cleaned it really well, put a newer scope on it and took the factory ammo he had to the range. At 100 yards, I shot a 4"/3 shot group. I then added a shim to float the barrel and shot a 2.5"/3 shot group. From there, I ran out of ammo and took it back to the guy. He said, keep it because it is worthless to him. So now I'm sitting with my buddies grandpa's gun and don't feel comfortable keeping it. (even though all family members say I can have it) My buddy said they will never use it because it is so heavy.

My question is, what to do with the rifle...1) keep it and try getting it to shoot 2) rebarrel it to 7-08 3) take it back and walk a way from it because it is not mine and I don't want to get involved in a mess down the road.
If it says 6mm Remington on the barrel it would be 1 in 9 twist. Unless in a heavy barrel it was for some reason manufactured with a slower twist, but I'd doubt it.

If the action seems to have back and forth slop in the stock with the action screws and bottom metal removed, try adding some pieces of electrical tape to the rear of the recoil lug until it's snug. I made a 700 come to life doing that very thing, but it's not a permament fix, just tells you that a good bedding job will cure it.
If you want to keep it, be sure to get something in writing saying it's yours now.

Those can shoot really well. You know there are several of us here on the forum who use the old 6mm Rem cartridge. It should have about a 1:9 twist, able to stabilize 100 grain bullets easily.

The heavy-barrel Rem 700's normally shoot very well.

But ya, if you're going to keep it, make sure you have a clean bill of sale or something along those lines from the owner. A verbal "keep it" doesn't hold up real well down the road, especially when you're shooting 1/3" groups and clobbering critters at 400 yards with it... And suddenly someone wants it back.

One of my buddies has this exact gun. It shoots 70gn BT EXTREAMLY well. 90s are good too. It is in a HS-Precision Stock.