Santa showed up early!!


Oct 10, 2012
Just got my xmas present for the year. Armalite AR-10T chambered in 260 rem. This rifle was built for 1000 yrd competition. Pretty stoked as this is going to be a new challenge in loading a semi auto match rifle. I'm looking at 129 ablr. It has a shillen barrel with 1:8 twist. I have RL 19 and RL 17. As well as many slower powders but it seems the mid range burn rate is the place to be.


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Great cartridge too.
Don't overlook H4831SC and the Scenar L in 120 and 136. Might be good also.
I saw 4831sc in the load data. Depending on the data your looking at the velocities are on every end of the spectrum.
Congratulations, looks like a cool gun.

I have found H 4831sc to be a bit disappointing when it comes to speed but accuracy has always been stellar. IMR 4350, H 4350 and now IMR 4451 have produced excellent results for me with all bullet weights and have also found IMR 7828 ssc to be excellent with the heavier weights from around 140 gr and up. This is for bolt actions but would imagine you would find them good with your semi auto as well.
G'Day Fella's,

Sas874runner, Santa is a great bloke and you were obviously "Nice" this year.

Thank You for sharing.

Merry Christmas you lot