Trouble in Florida and at what range to sight a .22 pistol.


Apr 29, 2015
Well, we have a problem with our Constitutional Carry in Florida. There has been a lot of complaining about the fact that open carry is not included in the Bill. The complaining has gotten to the point where the Bill's sponsor is ready to dump the bill in its entirety. The concealed portion without a permit will pass but the Republicans do not want to include open carry for whatever reason. If an agreement is not reached the bill is dead on arrival or worse it won't make it to the legislature. Secondly, I recently purchased a .22 Target pistol (Smith & Wesson Victory model) I don't know how much target shooting it will get but I do want to plink with it and possibly small game hunt with it. Any suggestions?
After looking at the pistol on the S&W site it appears that you can easily remove the rear sight and swap it out for a picatinny rail what would let you mount a variety of electronic sights.
Sighted in at 25yds will let you to hold on the same spot at 50yds with no adjustments to the sight.
My Hamerlli .22 and Marvel 1911 .22 conversion are both sighted in at 25yds and I never adjust my sights when switching from 50yds to 25yds during a match.

(edit) This is with standard velocity .22 target ammo or CCI standard velocity. High Velocity ammo is hard on the slide and frame of a target grade .22 pistol.
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My hunting .22 pistol, Browning Nomad, is sighted in at 50 feet and has been adaquate for squirrels, rabbits, raccoon, and even a coyote. My target .22s, S&W model 41 and Browning Buckmark, are sighted for center hold at 50 yards. Good luck and enjoy shooting yours.
I shoot tree rats with mine - not a Smith. Looks like in Florida you can take them, quail, nutria, raccoon, skunk, possum, and a few others.
If you are looking for general 22 pistol tips, I would just say that normal .22 LR rules apply - Every load will probably have a different point of impact, some will cycle better than others, occasional misfires. Also, I can tell you from experience that subsonic rounds, while more or less ear safe in a rifle, are not so from a pistol.
Thanks for the info Fellas. I'll try 25 yards and see what this handgun can do.