Turkey Time

Bruce Mc

Oct 26, 2005
Tomorrow's turkey cooking day. Got two big ol turkeys thawed out fixing to get a good bit of creole butter injected. Spent the morning cleaning up the deep fryer pot and checking the tanks for propane. Nothin' like deep fried turkey. The wife fixed up a buttermilk pie, a pecan pie, and two cheese cakes. Add the cornbread dressing, yams, green bean casserole, and giblet gravy and we'll be ready to feast. I always forget the cranberry sauce. Hope y'all have a good Thanksgiving and God bless.
Man alive, what a feast! Oh, my, the desserts alone are enough to make an expat Texan ready to move back.
The whole process of preparing those big turkeys, injecting them with creole butter, and getting the deep fryer ready must be quite an adventure. And those desserts – buttermilk pie, pecan pie, and cheesecakes? You're hitting all the sweet spots!

The sides, too, sound like a Thanksgiving dream come true – cornbread dressing, yams, green bean casserole, and giblet gravy? You're pulling out all the stops!
Don't worry about the cranberry sauce; it's the one thing we tend to forget in the excitement sometimes.

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What a feast. You are going to be in a food coma.