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    165 gr Ballistic Tip for 308 Win - Load Data?

    IMR 4064 / IMR 4895 / Reloader 15/ Varget for your Win 88 in 308 win …….great gun ! One of my favorite loads for years 45.0 Varget with 165 Nosler Accubond or Ballistic Tip.
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    165gr Fail Safe

    How about IMR 4064 and Varget
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    338 RUM

    Leupold 3.5x10 CDC Reticle Works great Reloader 22 @ 91.0 225gr Swift A frame CCI 250 RP cases Suggest stay with 225gr weight bullets recoil is excessive with 250 or heavier. The 225gr Nosler Part or Barnes TTSX is also excellent. Very flat shooting and good bullet retention on heavy large game...
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    More 348 work.

    I have a ample supply of the old Barnes Orginal 250gr FN and Hornady 200gr FN for my 348 win. I also have some 245gr Hardcast gas checked that I have never shot. RL 19 has given me gear results in my 1953 Win 71.
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    More 348 work.

    Reloader 19 @ 65 200gr FN 348 Win
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    Reloader 26 in 338 RUM ?

    I didn’t like the recoil of the 250 AB . So my 225 Swift A frames with 91.0 of RL 22 is my preferred load in my 338 RUM
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    What have you taken bear with?

    Depends a good bear will weight over 400 lbs.
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    What have you taken bear with?

    My late taxidermist had to use a Grizzly skull for the Rug. I have seen 3 bigger since 1994 in interior Alaska while hunting but let them walk now it’s over $200 a foot to get rug made ! The biggest black bear I have ever seen actually came out of a NC swamp.
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    What have you taken bear with?

    I call it my bear guard ! He went in Safariland record book 1994 he ranked 62nd now who knows ! interior Black bear 20”
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    What have you taken bear with?

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    180gr Ballistic Tip out of the 300 Win Mag

    Don’t hit the shoulder blade ! The 180BT have always been a tougher . I work up my load with BT 180’s then switch to AB to verify and hunt with
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    First Glock for Me...G20 Gen4

    You have to learn the reset on the Glock trigger !
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    Hornady 265 gr FP for 44 mag

    I tested the 265 FN in my 4” with 21.0 of H110 with mag primers got a lot of residue. I think the powder is too slow for a 4” to burn completely. I am going to try HP-38 a faster burning powder with 240’s.
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    What have you taken bear with?

    30/06 300 Win Mag 45/70 44 Mag Handgun 30/30 Win (Win 94) my first real deer and black bear rifle. 348 Win 350 Rem Mag ( Rem 600) the best stand bait site gun those 200gr PSP are great on black bear. If the bullet doesn’t kill them the muzzle blast will knock them over !
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    What have you taken caribou with?

    5.56 with 70gr TSX in Colt M4 30/06 300 Win Mag