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    308 Winchester Favorite Loads

    I started reloading for the 308 when I began. I have had good luck with Blc2, Win 748, and R/L 15. In BLc2 I use 46.5 grains with a 165 and Win 748 and R/L 15 44.0 grains work well for 165's.
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    Hornady GMX

    I think I screwed up. I believe you are right with 2000 feet per second. But that is probably more than 2000 foot pounds of energy. At a distance of 300 yards, one could probably harvest any game in North America with the venerable 06 and a well placed shot. A Hornady technician told me that...
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    Hornady GMX

    I use the 165 GMX in 308, 30/06 and the 140 grain version for my 30/30. The Gmx was redesigned and Hornady renamed it to the Controlled expanding (CX) bullet. The Company claims that the bullet is more accurate due to a change in the Ogive and can be used out to 400 or 500 yards. please keep in...
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    Seeing some easing on reloading supplies.

    Let's hope this goes away soon. I was able to score some Peterson brass and 1,000 CCI 200 primers towards the end of last summer. Basically, this is a hit & miss situation also, I wish more shops in the Fort Riley area carried supplies. Hopefully, Everything should slow down in the next 6...
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    30-06 & 180...

    If you are still having issues I would experiment with bullet seating depths.
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    Winchester model 88 165 & 180 gn advice ?

    Hello, I also have a model 88. My rifle likes 44 grains of Win 748 and the same charge using RL 15 with 165 Game kings and 165 GMX's. You could also try to experiment with bullet seating depths, charge weights, and primers. I would begin with changing one component at a time. Good luck, and...
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    30-06 & 180...

    Hello everyone, in my 1903 a3 I haven't had any issues with with charge weights, bullets, or pressure. My model 88 also shoots just about anything I have used. In the beginning, I started with Sierra 165 game kings, but switched to Gmx's in both. I don't see why 180's would be a problem in a...
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    Reloading Components Availability updates

    Hello, has anyone tried HYBRID 100V, Staball 6.5, or H4350 powder in 3006. I am trying to find alternate powders due to the shortage.
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    your 2021 hunting plans ?

    Hello everyone, I just received my yearly Kansas hunt and fish combo. Surprisingly, I did not realize that there are other Kansans who also subscribe to this page. I will take the 03 a3 and hope my friend/ fraternity brother places me in a good spot this year.
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    Bullets for a 03A3?

    muleman, Congratulations on an outstanding rifle. I have a sportorized 03 a3. Although every rifle is different, I use a 165 GMX with 55.0 grains of IMR 4350. I harvested a 180 pound doe and I am impressed with the performance of the projectile and the charge. The bottom line upfront is...
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    Powder Valley has powders hurry

    Does anyone have an idea when the shortage may slow down?
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    Powder Valley has powders hurry

    Does anyone have an idea when the shortage may slow down?
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    Scope for a 1903

    Hello, Can someone suggest a reasonably priced scope for a win m 94 and a 1903 a3. Thanks, Doni
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    30-06 165BT

    Boomer, That group will harvest any deer at 100 yards. Your group is good. In my experience, shooter error greatly contributes to inaccuracy. I run the same powder charge in my 1903 a3 and my gun loves it. According to the Nosler data, your charge is the middle of the road. If it is not...
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    RL15 for .308 ?

    Tack Driver, My m 88 chambered in 308 loves 44.0 grains of RL 15 with 165 gmx's, and 165 Game Kings. I am a deer Kansas hunter and this powder works great for my needs. I do not think there is one possible solution for every situation. I experimented with 3 different powders when I started...