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    Chamber Length Gauge

    +1… excellent commentary Dan. Duane
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    Custom Build - 300 Win. Mag.

    Beautiful! Congratulations on a fine rifle and a very special wife. Duane
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    Loading the 375 H&H with Nosler's 260 gr Accubond

    Excellent article Guy. Enjoy Africa!! Thanks. Duane
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    Precision 223 Load

    Well done Guy. Congratulations!
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    Springfield Waypoint 2020 Feedback

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    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    You and Catherine have just experienced a wonderful blessing, congratulations. Thank you for your time and effort in sharing your blessing with us. Duane
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    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    Very nice! Congratulations. Duane
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    Salmonchaser goes to Africa

    Congratulations. Thank you for sharing this wonderful experience. Duane
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    Happy Birthday, DrMike

    Happy belated birthday. I really appreciate your attititde, knowledge, and experience you share on this forum. Blessings, Duane
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    A new thumper added to the safe.

    Nice one. Enjoy!! Duane
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    Happy New Year!

    Praying for a blessed New Year for all. Duane
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    Local photo contest

    Nice. Very nice!! Definitely look like winners to me. Duane
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    New member

    Welcome Morris. From Iowa. Duane
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    10 days ago

    Well done. Congratulations!! Duane
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    My goodness, our latest video and story. I wrote the story:

    Great video. Thanks for sharing. You and Gavin make a good team. Incidentally, I was introduced to the 1911 in infantry training in 1969. The first pistol I bought was a Kimber 45 too. Duane