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    What have you taken caribou with?

    300 win mag, 180gr E tip at 300 yards. One of the guys I was with used the same ammo at 350 yards, the other used a 140gr Accubond in a 7mm Rem Mag at 500 yards. We didn't look for longer shots, but each group of caribou was moving away from us when we got in range. All dropped with 1 shot...
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    Berger vs Accubond, my experience

    Revisiting a very old thread, my thoughts after a few more years have not changed to much. I still use Bergers in my 264 win mag. They still have not failed for me. I shot a really good 4x7 whitetail buck at 400 yards with one last season. I still like them from that rifle for deer or...
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    2020 Hunting Pictures

    Thanks everyone.
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    2020 Hunting Pictures

    Had a good 2020. Got my first caribou on an AK adventure I really enjoyed, and filled my other tag for the year with a 172.5" gross whitetail. He was an old buck that wasn't real wide but had 40" of mass.
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    Which rifles this season?

    Rifles Inc custom 300 win with a 180gr Nosler E tip got a AK caribou in September. The shot was 300 yards standing, using my Slik 634 tripod with the Outdoorsmans pan head and rifle rest. Flint Hills Gun Works 264 win mag with a 140gr Accubond or Berger (playing with loads again) will...
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    Maximum acceptable group size?

    The two rifles I hunt with the most are really reliable at putting the first cold bore shot into the same place every shot. Clean barrel or dirty barrel, they just shoot that first cold bore shot right on. I sometimes shoot a 3 or 5 shot group over 3 to 5 days. During the rifle season around...
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    Rifle weight vs pack weight.....where is it important?

    I like a scope I trust to dial elevation on when hunting the mountains. The lightest set-up I have that I trust is a LW 70 built by Rifles Inc in 300 win mag. I could have shed 3/4 of a pound going with a Remington 700 action, but the 264 win mag I do most of my hunting with is also a M70...
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    Great New Coyote Load With 55 Grain .224 E-Tip

    Great to hear and congrats. Thanks for the update.
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    30 years, Still Holding My Record

    Great buck and thanks for sharing the story.
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    Went to Sportsmen's Warehouse today.

    Saw 3 guys come in to buy ammo at the closest Orshelns store today that are not the normal crowd. Never seen people dressed or acting like them in a store like that before. They were all there for ammo, one guy was cussing to another guy over his cell phone. Said he better put some money in...
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    Henry XModel 44 mag

    I like the looks of that for a camp gun quite a bit. Part of me wants a take-down version like the Chiappa, but I don't like the cost of the takedown lever guns I've seen.
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    Please critique my caribou gear list

    Thanks for the info, sounds like you have it down. I'm finally using my Excel computer skills learned back in college. I have a spreadsheet for my gear weights that totals it on my computer. I did not like that class in school, but using this way is kinda fun.
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    Please critique my caribou gear list

    1100 Remington man what is the weight limit that your pilot allows? That looks like a heck of a well thought out list. Also are you able to get a whole caribou in 1 set of the Tag bags with ribs on the bone? Thanks in advance for the help.
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    Please critique my caribou gear list

    Thanks everyone, very helpful!
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    Please critique my caribou gear list

    Thanks, I can’t wait for September!