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    Salmon on the Beach

    Most excellent! I love seeing this.
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    Using old primers?

    Again, thanks to everyone for the positive responses. I will give them a try. Dan
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    Surprise, surprise from a used Marlin X7

    Thanks to everyone for the kind words. This rifle, scope, and ammo combination has proven to a real deer killer for the young couple. He has killed two VERY nice bucks (and assorted does) with it, and she took her second and largest buck to date with it. In fact, she pulled a double taking...
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    Using old primers?

    It is very comforting to know that there are all of these good folks here who are looking out me and my interests. My hope is that I will able to return all of the kindness in like fashion. :rolleyes: Sounds like I am going to use these old primers for fire forming. I am getting a chance to...
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    Using old primers?

    I have some OLD rifle (and pistol) primers from the 1980's and maybe even from the late 1970's. Would they be safe to use in fireforming brass? Is there any way to test them? I suppose they either fire or don't, but I really wouldn't want to have an issue. Dan
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    I think it's the scope

    Looks like you are making progress. I hope you can confirm the problem and the solution. Dan
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    Coyote Showdown

    Great hunt. Thanks for sharing. Dan
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    Appreciate this forum

    Absolutely! This is a great resource that is well managed and monitored. Dan
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    Chamber Length Gauge

    Jim, You are correct. As I said in that post, "This is why I love this forum. There are always things to learn. I never heard of this solution before. Thank you for bringing this up. Dan" I also learned about making false shoulders on this forum and am using that technique on the first firing...
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    food plots

    Those look great. You will get a lot of activity on those plots. Get ready for some shooting... ;) Dan
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    Chamber Length Gauge

    A couple of weeks ago I heard about a "Chamber Length Gauge" that one uses to measure how long the rifle chamber's neck is so that one can trim the brass to the correct length. I can't remember now where I heard of this tool. I suspect it was on this forum, but I can't remember. This is the...
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    Another 338

    Congratulations. Looks like a great find. I was intrigued by those as well but never acted on it. Dan
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    Bushing Die

    Thanks to everyone. I really appreciate the input and will move forward with the concept of minimizing the working of the brass. Dan
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    Bushing Die

    DrMike, could you explain " Forster dies were accomplishing what I needed/wanted without the additional concern" in a bit more detail? Do the Forster dies NOT size the neck as small as say RCBS dies and therefore work the brass less? Or, are you referring to ability to raise the expanding ball...
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    Bushing Die

    In regard to loading for my 300 Win. Mag. I think I would like to try using a bushing die to minimize working the brass of the neck. I don't plan to neck turn the brass, but I figure that with using the neck bushing I could control how much undersize the neck is formed before being expanded...