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    Not a Nosler bullet, but I know that you guys like hunting rifle bullet tests...

    WOW !!! That gel test looks dam AWESOME. I have become a Huge Fan of your testing videos and written articles. Keep Up the Good Work.
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    Great photo; I look forward to seeing your photo skills each time I log in
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    Using loading manuals when they don't have you exact powder and bullet combination

    Here is a list that my help you with bullet lengths. It's not 100% complete but it may have some helpful info for you..
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    Powder for 150gr Accubond LR 270

    Here's some data from You can use the data for the .277 DIA , 150gr ABLR with Ramshot Hunter powder. Just start low and work your way up. There are other members here that have Quick Load will be able to help you with the IMR 4831. BULLET WEIGHT 150 GR. NOS...
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    Mountain Carbon Reviews

    Welcome Aboard; Great looking rifle, It's not to shabby with factory ammo ; I look forward to see what you can do with it once you start your load development.
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    Experiences with 8MM's

    An excellent first thread, I can honestly say that I have never owned anything in the 8MM class, but I know a fella who does and they are very capable of taking anything we have here in Canada. Welcome to the forum from your neighbor in Sask.
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    Remington Brass

    I use a lot of RP brass; It was my go to for many years: Unfortunately with supply the way it is lately I've had to dig into my reserves and the RP supply I had is dwindling out slowly: And up here in Sask any components of any type are almost extinct, except in the auction where people are...
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    Not Bad.

    I'd say that's pretty darn good for iron sights at 50 yds with a new recipe.
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    Pawpaw babysitting

    That should keep him occupied for a while.
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    Reloading 25-06

    I once told a gunsmith this exact same BOLDED sentence, and he told me that I should have the thickness of a credit card between the stock and the barrel. I have No Idea if it's true or not but I sanded more out of the barrel channel and it definitely helped on my Win Mod 70. JMHO
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    Canadians Have Had Enough

    I understand that quite well DrMike. I am/was employed by the Feds, but wear a different shoulder patch. I was told get vaxxed OR get axxed. My superior did not like my reply. I chose the latter so I am on LWOP hoping that this Gong Show would come to a peaceful resolution but our PM is a...
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    Canadians Have Had Enough

    I seen in the news this morning that the Major is being investigated.
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    Canadians Have Had Enough

    The Freedom 2022 Convoy has been called everything from A to Z by the PM, including White Supremacists . But it seems he doesn't take kindly and is afraid when the truckers call him names or run banners with his name on them. He is nothing more than a spoiled brat who; when he can't get his...
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    Lever Action Rifles

    Yes it is in great shape according to the gunsmith that I had check it out. I shoot it occasionally in the summer with the old Dominion ammo, but unfortunately i only have 3 or 4 rounds of it left. I have bought a new box of Winchester ammo, but I need to pull the bullets so I have the brass or...
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    Canadians Have Had Enough

    The Gofundme page is now over 10 million and has been frozen again.