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    What do you do when you get a new powder?

    I have came across some R16 and some R17. I have several different rifles that I want to try them in. That got me thinking... what is the best way to begin testing a new powder in a rifle and with a bullet and seating depth that is already proven for you? I like to try and save components and be...
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    Daughter got her first one this weekend

    Took the kids out again this Saturday morning. My daughter was extremely patient and able to connect on her fist whitetail. The 243 with a 95 gr Deer Season XP dropped the little doe right in her tracks! My son who was hunting with us was able to catch it all on video with my phone. She was...
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    Why do you reload?

    Because every hobby I have revolves around the outdoors and I thoroughly enjoy the "black magic" of finding the perfect rifle load, and then trying to find it again.
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    deer hunt / 120 Ballistic Tip

    Enjoyed this post a lot. I just recently got a 6.5creedmoor and the bullet that I want to develop a hunting load for is the 120 ballistic tip. I have had a ton of luck with the 120 BT in 7mm-08 and can see no reason why it will not work very well in the 6.5creedmoor. I have just started the load...
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    Trouble getting consistent seating depth

    Brian I do not. I am just using the stem that came with the RCBS die.
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    Trouble getting consistent seating depth

    So I am having some issued with loading for Suzy (the 6.5 creedmoor that I just recently got). I bought a set of RCBS dies to load for this rifle. I am using Nosler virgin brass (not factory seconds). Bullets I am using are Nosler 120 gr ballistic tips. As I am doing load development I like to...
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    Best powders to try for 6.5 creedmoor

    I have attempted to start development with H4350 and Staball 6.5. First attempt with 4350 got a group barely over an inch. First attempt with Staball got a group at .805 inch. I think I have a decent place to start.
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    Best powders to try for 6.5 creedmoor

    Brand new to reloading for 6.5 creedmoor. Would like advice on powders that will make the 6.5CM shine. I want to try Reloader 16 but don't have any. Bullets I am going to try and work up loads for are the 120 gr Nosler ballistic tip, 129 gr Hornady Interlock, 140 gr Speer Hot-Cor and 143 gr...
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    7mm08 elk

    I have a savage 7-08 and I was able to work a pretty good "elk load". I used 140 gr Accubonds and Staball 6.5. Was able to get velocity of 2920 which should be plenty enough for a 7-08 elk load inside 300 yards.
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    NGD (New Gun Day)!!!

    Yesterday I picked up a Browning X-Bolt composite stalker in 7-08 that is going to be my sons Christmas present and his rifle to use until he can buy his own. While I was picking it up I noticed a 6.5 creedmoor in the same model. So I walked out with both rifles. I had always wanted a Browning X...
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    7mm Mag ladder / IMR 4831

    I have tried that exact same combo of powder and bullet in the 7 mag just not that high of a powder charge. My velocity was way lower than yours. I would be happy out of any of those numbers as long as they were accurate.
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    Can I fix a crushed shoulder?

    So my brother has gotten into reloading. He has helped me some but never done it on his own. He loaded up some 6.5 creedmoor and sent me a text saying that he messed something up because the rounds would not chamber in his browning. Well he crushed the shoulder, badly...on 15 rounds! So I taught...
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    7mm-08 powder choice?

    I have used Varget in our 7-08 and gotten excellent accuracy. However H4895 is my go to for our 7-08. In our rifle I can load 43 gr of H4895 and get a 120 gr nosler ballistic tip to shoot one hole groups while going 3040 fps. Not a deer in the world that can handle that within reasonable...
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    New reloading room set up

    HAHA, that is my surplus practice 9mm!
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    New reloading room set up

    Finally got around to taking some pics of my new reloading set up. Some of you may remember that my family and I just built our forever home. My wife was nice enough to give me a room in the basement for me to do my reloading. It is not perfect and it not yet complete. But it darn sure beats a...