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    30-06 & 150gr TTSX

    Yesterday I scrubbed the barrel clean to give this rifle another chance. As I have mentioned many times I have tried many bullet and powder combos , most would have given up along time ago. This rifle will only shoot 210gr Berger VLDs over RL-17. I bought a bunch of Barnes 130 & 150 grain TTSXs...
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    David Tubbs Tubbdust on sale.

    I’m a Dust user also , and it does help in keeping copper fouling down.
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    I use Kroil and bronze brush also. I try to keep carbon to a minimal so as little work is required. 2 hrs of bushing you might have a larger bore now 😁
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    Coyote from the blind

    My belief , a coyote deserves the same ethical treatment as any game. Wounding isn’t traits of a respectable hunter.
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    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    That’s kinda neat JD. If anyone is serious about Long Range rimfire check these guys out. Load your own.
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    New Old Stock

    My brother uses BTs and JD is right , stay off the shoulder if muzzle velocity is above 3000fps.
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    Speer 350gr Mag Tip

    A little update on Magtips. I had some left in the box and used them up today. They still shot well It was 40* warmer today from when I worked up this load (38* vs 78*). Hybrid 100V in this load picked up 48fps on the average , that’s a little more than 1fps/1*. I also took my Marlin X7 in...
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    Carbon remover for baked in carbon

    Be careful using CLR as it is for stainless barrels only. It will wreck the finish on CM barrels.
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    LOL, doe tag, and I'm happy!

    The only over the counter tags we can buy are doe tag in certain areas. Bear takes a few purchase points and with elk you would win the Powerball jackpot a dozen times before an elk tag. I when remember growing up and getting a doe tag was a big deal (very few were given out).
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    Federal 180 Grain TSX 338 Win Mag

    I have had great results with the TTSX bullets in multiple calibers on whitetail. The only TSX bullets I have loaded now are the 500gr. , but no deer has stepped out and tried one. Make sure the tip is open and you should be fine.
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    Custom Build - 300 Win. Mag.

    Very nice. One would have to be very carful hunting with it. You’re very lucky or your wife must have her eye on something big if she did that for you. He did such a great job on the engraving that the bolt moved to the wrong side😂
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    25 Creedmoor

    I’m wondering what velocity you are getting. I’m also going with a 14” barrel on my Striker.
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    25 Creedmoor

    From what I’ve read the .282 bushing is the way to go. Until I get my barrel (Labor dayish) I have to wait to get a sizer die set up. I’m using Peterson 6mm Creed brass I expanded up and load 117gr BTSPs with Hybrid 100V to fire-form the brass.
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    Loading the 375 H&H with Nosler's 260 gr Accubond

    Nice variety of calibers there. The only thing missing is a little varmint round
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    Powder Valley and Taxes

    This evening I had a 8lber of RL15.5 in my cart and noticed they now charge sales tax. Last order in April I wasn’t charged sales tax.