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    .257 heavies

    Interesting. Would a 125gr give you much more BC and performance than the existing 115gr? Scrummy
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    Lever Action Bullets

    Well folks, Hornady have got non-lead revolver ammo out. Nosler still seem nowhere close with their offerings
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    Chiappa wildlands 45/70

    Nice! I have the 44 mag takedown Alaskan. I found I did better when I put the peep sight at the back of the receiver. Scrummy
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    .257 Caliber Bullets

    Great! I do like those 120gr SPBTs in my 257 Roberts
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    I couldn't resist, Winchester Model 70

    Get yourself well and happy hunting!
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    Nosler E-Tips in .257 Roberts seem to be a winner

    I have a load for them in my .223 Rem as well. Might well try them on a Chinese Water Deer in the next few weeks
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    Nosler E-Tips in .257 Roberts seem to be a winner

    If I could get them here I'd try them in my 9.3x62 for wild boar and maybe bigger things too but largely unobtainium. Scrummy
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    Nosler E-Tips in .257 Roberts seem to be a winner

    Just if people are interested I'm loading 43.6gr Viht N150 and a Federal 215M primer. Use at your own risk,. Scrummy
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    Nosler E-Tips in .257 Roberts seem to be a winner

    Hi folks, Well, lloks like the E-tip performs well enough on the smallest species of UK deer, the Muntjac. 2 successful kills over last weekend. Now I just wish I could find enough of them to do some proper load development. I have a load shooting about 1" but I think there is more there if...
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    Of all your rigs

    404 Jeff. Love shooting it but I seem to always goof when loading it (Also those long thin necks make boo-boos easy and terminal).
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    Red Dot on the Ronin

    Nice set up. Have a couple of Fast Fire IIIs myself. Scrummy
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    Try As I May, Can’t Leave The Partition Home

    Do like Partions, not easy to get here though. My 257 Roberts really likes the 120gr version
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    Way past reloading 101

    .223 Rem x 2 CZ527 bolt actions Load 55gr FMJ, Nosler E-tips, 60gr TMK and when I can get them 65gr Sierra SBT .257 Roberts FN Commercial 98 100gr Speer Hot Cor (plinker with Ramshot Hunter), 100gr E-Tips and 120gr Speer SPBT (longer range shooting and hunting) - both of those with Reload Swiss...
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    Lee FCD in 45-70

    They sell you them separately: And I guess they will come with the dies eventually but it's a pain they don't come as standard. I have used the Hornady lock rings in the past but to get 4 dies with Hornady lock rings on...