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    H322 powder?

    Shoots great in my 223 with light bullets and my 17 fb
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    Identical powders

    Xterminator = A2230 A2520 = Wild Boar (not in USA)
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    QuickLoad heads up.

    I’ve tried grt over the last few weeks and find it more accurate than quickloads last update and haven’t touched quickload since. It’s free also
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    243 85HPBT Quick Load

    Superbly accurate bullet in every rifle I’ve used it in
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    out of business

    What difference does it make when primers are scarce as hens teeth.
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    Accurate 5744 and the 45-70

    I think you will like it
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    Enduron powders:

    Try imr4166 in your 308. It does anything varget will do and with a copper reducer. It shoots .1 in my 284W
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    Fireforming the 257 AI

    I lost 1 case to a separation when forming 257ai. I wet a patch with a light amount of oil and used a moderate load and all formed fine. The lubed chamber helps keep the case from gripping and holding the chamber wall. I normally never have lube in the chamber. Perhaps a larger false shoulder...
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    "Newly" Acquired Win M70 in 7mm Mauser (.275 Rigby)

    Congrats on the new rifle. Great cartridge. I have a Mauser 98 in 7x57 but it was throated for 175 rn bullets and just refused to shoot pointed bullets so I rebarreled it. It now shoots .3 with Barnes 120 gr tsx and reloder 16. It also liked reloder 17, H414, and h100v powders. It has since...
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    Nosler Manual #9....

    Ordered mine but am told by a friend to get set for a disappointment. He says not that much new data except for nosler cartridges. If so, I may not order another for many years.
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    .257 100g X Bullet / 100 Hotcor / 117g I'lock vs Dry N'paper

    Some other things to point out here is it appears the cup core bullets shed a lot of weight and that lost weight is lead in the meat. I hunted with Hornady interlocks and nosler spitzers for many years and recovered a number of bullets and found a lot of jacket separations and weight loss...
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    Enduron powders:

    I did a lot of testing with 4166, 4451 in 243ai, 257ai, 250ai, and 7x57ai (yeah, I know I have an ai issue). Without a long story, I found accuracy with these powders improved as I approached my max load in every cartridge and my es sd numbers improved as well. I was testing mainly in early...
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    25 cal varmint

    Is there any plan for a future 25 caliber Varmageddon bullet? Perhaps 75 gr. They completely skipped it in the lineup. Many 250 savage, 257 bobs out there and the 25 creedmoor is coming one day. Would love to use my 257ai for groundhogs with Nosler.
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    Forming Brass

    The 9.3 case head is .007" larger than the 06 brass.
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    370 Sako Magnum?

    Found some 370 brass online today. The rest is easy. The 370 beats the 375 hh past 100 yds