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    What does "accurate rifle" mean to you?

    Depends on the catagory of rifle. A levergun or close range/large caliber rifle isn’t held to the same standard as scoped bolt action. I’m with dr mike, .5” is accurate and 1” is adequate. Anything I can’t get moa out if I probably won’t keep, or have it rebarreled.
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    Another misfit cartridge, 325 WSM

    I got to take it out shooting tonight. It does show some promise. Winchester 200gr accubond CT clocked right at 2966fps and hovered just over an inch for three rounds at 100 yards. The nosler 200gr accubond load ran right at 2990fps but averaged 1.5-1.75” groups. It Has quite a bit of thump...
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    Another misfit cartridge, 325 WSM

    I picked up another rifle chambered in a misfit cartridge, the 325 WSM. It’s a Winchester extreme weather. I’ve always thought the 325 was a very well balanced cartridge that deserved more interest. As a big game cartridge it sits right in the middle of a great performance window. With...
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    22 Rim Fire Long Range?

    I love shooting my rimfire trainer out to 400 yards. I’ve found cci standard velocity is the best bang for your buck. My LR 22 is a tikka T1x in a bravo chassis with a usoptics TS- 12. Anything over 200 yards it’s very difficult to hear the impacts on steel even when shooting...
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    First Ever Bear (Contains Some Graphic Content)

    That should make for a fine rug and some good eating.
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    SOLD- Your African Rifle

    That’s a hell of a deal right there.
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    Who here shoots or hunts with a specialty pistol/hand-rifle/pifle/hand cannon?

    I have used a t/c contender and encore for years. My current one is a 338 federal barrel on my encore. I have taken several deer with 35 Remington barrel on contender and 22 hornet and 223 barrels for varmints.
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    Canada have some new laws coming?

    Biden would like to ban all guns! I don’t think they have any chance going after 9mm. The left is already looking at getting seriously trounced in the med term elections, gun control has always been a losing issue for the left. Look at what the last “assault weapon” ban did to the...
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    Canada have some new laws coming? Just saw this on Fox News. Looks pretty gloomy
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    Ruger introduces their second Marlin!

    You can easily replace it either fake screw
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    Interesting rifle!

    Thank you all for the condolences. I’m just glad I got to take dad hunting last fall. I know it really meant a lot to him, and me too. They’ve both moved on to better a better place.
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    Interesting rifle!

    My dad passed away earlier this week and I had came down to Michigan to help settle his affairs. One of the things I’m doing is shipping and selling off his gun collection. I’ve ended up having to ship up to Alaska 6 handguns and 8-9 rifles. One of them was his pride and joy an old SXS...
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    Cast Performance 260gr WFNGC for the .44

    I load that bullet in my 44 mag. When it comes to cast bullets I don’t see any reason to run them much over 1100-1200 fps. There is a real point of diminishing returns after 1000fps. I’ve been loading them with 9.0gr of tightgroup. It’s a pretty mild load but it will penetrate like crazy.
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    Bear Hunting Poll ?

    I’d probably go with the 300 H&H. I don’t see any scenario that won’t work. It might be a bit heavy and clumsy chasing hounds though.
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    280 AI makes meat

    I got dads skull mount back from the taxidermist today. It turned out great. Sadly this has been a rough year. Dad was diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer just before Christmas, and we lost mom a couple weeks ago. It was nice to have something nice to look at at remember a great hunt.