2018 RAM 1500 Big Horn


Oct 28, 2008
Wasn't even looking for a new truck....but I fell victim to the year end sales.

Noticed this truck sitting on the lot marked down $11,000.... pulled in for a closer look, and traded the Nissan Frontier Pro4X in on it.

It's a 2018 (still new) and they're starting to get 2020's in so they wanted to sell it.

By far the nicest vehicle I've ever owned and that 5.7 Hemi is awesome (395 hp)....it is 4x4 even though it doesn't really look like it at first glance... limited slip rear, 3.92 gear, skid plates underneath... but it'll likely see very little off road use, mostly just a boat puller.

Even with the 395 hp V8, it gets better gas mileage than the V6 Nissan.

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Boat puller my Aunt Fanny!! Read that again...

5.7 Hemi (395 hp).... limited slip rear, 3.92 gear,

Uh - them's hot rod numbers friend. But if the wife thinks you bought it to pull the boat, and take her to church on sunday... (y) Nice you could treat yourself. Enjoy! CL
Sweet. Nothing wrong with that. I know I'm loving my 2018 Ford F150 Lariat. Friend of mine bought a Dodge that looks about like that one you have. He bought it to give his bulldog something to ride in. Amazing what we tell ourselves. Congratulations on picking up a fine new pickup. You done good.
I have the same truck just a 2019. I can get 25 mpg if I behave. Mine has a ecotorque 5.7L and a ten speed transmission. Solid truck. My last was a 2003 and it ran like new when I got rid of it last spring. A bit rusty and ugly but it was still a runner. I figure I’ll be good for fifteen more years now. I’m thinking of a leveling kit so it doesn’t look like a mall cruiser. Kits are fairly cheap but they recommend a ball joint upgrade (Moog) and the labor is more than the kit. Just an idea.
I did the same thing last summer and bought a 2019 Classic Big Horn which has still has the old body style. I love it! Congrats on your new truck!

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Nice looking rig! Congrats. Dodge has a very nice
Truck and the Hemi is bullet proof.
I just bought a new GMC 1500,with factory
3" lift. Sets same as a 2500. It only has
the little V6/4.3 liter but somehow it developes
295 hp??? Has the Eaton G80 locker
Rear end and is very capable! Tons of power
24 mpg if you stay 60 mph or less. 18mpg @ 80mph.
Super happy with it , Dealer discounted it $11,000 and GM
Sent me a coupon worth $2000 on ANYTHING they sell.20190905_125705.jpg
So have had F150s for 40 years, but love this new GMC.
Good Luck with the Dodge.
Great looking trucks. I’ve driven a few of the newer Hemis and man are they rocket ships, those 10 speed autos just always seem like they are in the power.

E, that’s a damned cool pickup.