2018 Wyoming Elk Hunt

Thanks for sharing Scotty and congrats to your brother on his first Elk. Also congrats to the other hunters who scored.
Like you said it was more enjoyable to share, my sons first deer kill was more enjoyable then any deer I had ever killed so I know how you felt helping your brother get his first Elk.
Wow. Just excellent. Read every word and felt like I was somewhat along for the experience. Perhaps you should take up writing someday Scotty before your trigger finger develops arthritis. :)

A huge congrats to your brother Scotty, and also to the rest of the crew. A successful hunt all the way around. Just great. Excellent experience for you and your brother. You cannot put a price tag on those kind of memories.

Joel, thanks for the additional photos. I'm impressed in a way by all animals and the satisfaction hunting them and seeing them brings, but those moose, wow.
Nice to have such a great story to read, written by such a great fella. Glad it was such a sucess story on so many levels. They say nice things happen to nice people.
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I am trying to post up a couple of videos I took of the moose interrupting our darned elk hunt. Let me know if they work for you all..



Yep they work if you hold your cursor over the picture. That first video he was CLOSE!!

Yeah I think I probably should’ve been holding my Mashburn vs the danged phone to video it. He wasn’t but 3-4 paces from me when he came by. I could literally see the bloodshot eyeballs. Was too danged cool!
Skookum video, Scotty. That young'un was in pretty good shape. He'd sure provide some fine dining.
Great post and pictures Scotty. Congratulations on you and your crew. Looks like you all had a great time.
Wow, what a great story. Thanks for the wonderful post with all the photos and videos. Congratulations all around.
Thanks fellas, but we are a great camp. With everyone pitching in and doing chores like making lunch, doing dishes, firewood, shoveling snow, etc it really makes camp life much better and ultimately the hunting day much nicer. It has taken us awhile to come around to it.
Sorry for coming in late Scotty. Thank you for a great hunt & the photos put me right there with you (y).
Man it would have been a hoot to have been there!!

That is awesome! What an amazing experience you got to share with your family and friends. That is the epitome of hunting!

Love to hear success stories from the 270 Win as well! I have found mine to be an amazingly accurate killer!

Thank you for sharing your story. I really enjoyed reading it as if I was right there!
I think I read through the story three times. Great story. Most guys seem to pack up and go home, blaming the wolves when they can't find the elk, you guys did great.

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Scotty thanks for the great recap of the hunt. Congratulations to all of you guys on what looks like an awesome hunt.

Great post and write up Scotty. Congrats on getting it done. The tent collapse is funny, happened at our camp one year 10-miles in wilderness. I agree it sure makes good memories.