25 & 30 cals at 300 yds today

Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
So, I casually mention to one of this year's handgun students that I'm taking the hunting rifles to the range this morning. She invited herself along! Well okay.

So, set up the gong at 300 yards. Then pulled the Remingtons from their cases:

Start with the 25-06, 115 gr Nosler Ballistic Tip "Blue Cyclones" at about 3150 fps via Retumbo. As usual the recoil is mild, the accuracy is excellent, and that 42mm 6x Leupold is just fine. This rifle is zeroed at 300 yards. The gong rings time after time. I shot from the rolled up mat, then from sitting, with and without the shooting sticks. Interestingly I shot better without the shooting sticks, just using me for support... Hmm.

Moved to the 30-06 which has the 36mm obj version of Leupold's 6x scope. Used the elk, bear, antelope and mule deer stomping 165 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips, loaded to 2970 fps via H4350. This rifle is zeroed at 200 yards. Planting the first "dot" on the gong resulted in hit after hit. Again, I shot better without the shooting sticks, from sitting. Hmmm.

Then the trouble began... brought out the 300 WSM Model 70 with the new 6x SWFA... Shot quite a few rounds through it, before I figured out the front scope mount was slightly loose! No wonder I couldn't quite get it zeroed! Gah! Well heck. I'll take care of that and get back out to the range with it. Initial impressions of the scope were favorable. And the rifle is a peach to shoot, even with 200 gr Accubonds over a stout charge of H4350. I just had one heck of a time with the accuracy using this rifle today. That Jewel trigger though... That's SWEET!

As I was packing up, my self-invited guest asked if she could shoot. Sure! I'd asked her earlier but she declined. Familiarized her with the 25-06 and she proceeded to whack the 300 yard gong with her first shot! Now mind you, she had never shot past 25 yards before, mostly with pistols, though she's also shot a few of my rifles earlier this year, at close range, just for fun. She zapped the 300 yard gong a few more times. Then asked to try the 30-06 too. Didn't do quite as well with it, but good enough!

Now she's asking how to get a hunting license. :grin:

This is how we get new hunters to join us gentlemen. She wants to learn to hunt, to fill the family freezer. I'm impressed.

BTW - she said she didn't notice it, but I watched and saw the 30-06 rock her considerably more than the 25-06 did, which I think explains the superior accuracy she achieved with the 25-06 rifle. If she gets the rifle shopping bug, I'll mention that to her again...

That’s very danged cool Guy! First off it’s nice when the shots go where we want them to. Sounds like those two rifles are dialed in perfectly.

Bummer about the loose base/ring. I was wondering where your story was going to. I was thinking to myself, I recon something and he buys one and is going to call me a bad name. Glad it’s a simple problem. Looks great on that 300 though.

And man, great job getting the lady out there. I think the difference with the 25-06 and the 30-06 is why that danged 6.5 CM is so popular. It gives a ton of performance for very little recoil.
Tell ya guys, that doggone 25-06 Rem 700 is probably the best, most successful hunting rifle I've ever owned.

Love the feel & look of the slim CDL stock. The trigger is decent at a crisp 3#. I never have bothered changing out the "J-lock" Remington was using in those years. Probably ought to.

Mild recoil. High velocity/flat trajectory. Lethal as all get out. Easy to carry, easy to shoot, and a delight to handload. I'm still just tickled with this thing. Must have bought it about 2004? I know I got a nice buck with it in 2005. And several after that one...

Reminds me a bit of a .243 or the 6mm Rem, but with just a bit "more" on tap. I don't often hunt anything bigger than a mule deer, and it's been perfect for them, even out at 400 yards. Shooting it so well today, just made me smile. And when the young lady took a few shots with it at 300 yards... Connecting so easily... It made me smile more.


If you don't have a nice handling, light recoiling rifle, might consider one. They're pretty sweet.

Regards, Guy
You’re right, that CDL stock is a good one. My Whelen must be the same vintage. Took my first couple deer in 2005/2096 I believe. This winter I’ll have to get it fixed back up and ready again. Its got one of those darned sticky pads on it. I actually think it’s stuck in my safe right now.
Very nice Guy. Good rifles are just that, good in all aspects and it sounds like the Rem 25-06 is one of them. Good day for sure.
Guy, you are cool helping others learn mastering shooting techniques with rifles and pistols. Good job. Hats off to the lady.
mjcmichigan":2f0j4252 said:
Guy, smart lady... just stating the obvious.

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She's a good kid. She and her husband have both been shooting with me a bit. I'm not sure she's going to actually go get that hunting license. We will see.