257 ABLR ? 120-125?


Mar 27, 2015
i have heard severl questions on the next long rang ab bullet?
anyone heard if we will get a 257 ablr ... maybe a 125 grain..
or atleast 120 grain ... dont get me wrong... the 120 Partition has droped
every deer i have pulled the trigger on but .391 used to be a great bc.
now its not even in the convesation.. maybe now .550-.575 will be possible for 120 grainer that will still spin in 1-10 so i can build the 257stw !!
as if the 257 wby need more speed ...:)
if any one knows i will be intersted to hear?
Welcome aboard; we're always pleased to see another gun crank posting. In answer to your question, I imagine Nosler will play its card, keeping them close to the chest. Doubt there is anything more than speculation at this point. However, it is quite likely that they are working on such a bullet. Again, welcome aboard.
I sent them a inquire about a 100 AB, a little while ago, even got a reply after about a week, nothing in the works for a 100 grain AB.. and that's about where they left it, wouldn't hurt to drop them a line..
I would hope that Nosler issues a 115 gr ABLR for all of us with .257 Roberts and .25-06's?
i cant see much difference in a 110 ab we have now...and a 115 lrab in 257 rob or 25-06 velocity
unless they could somehow get the velocity up to 3200 fps or more...
the 110 was designed to increase velocity in small cases ...but still have a bullet that will hold together & penetrate ... but in the 257 wby the window is up around 3400-3500 fps
a 120... or 125 would be perfect for a 257 wsm or wby mag only because of the powder capacity available...5 grains either way from the existing bullet would be hard to justifie the expense on the production line... i would think...only the Nosler boys could answer for sure...
Many of us still shoot the .257 Roberts and .25-06. There are already many heavier bullets on the market for those .25 WSSM's and Weatherby's. The introduction of the 110 AccuBond has greatly affected our shooting of these older calibers more efficiently. I sit too much to ask for a little wider, long range, bullet choice for these older calibers?
maybe re-state... i shoot .small 257 as well 250sav,.257 roberts. 25-06 & yes 257wby
the subject of the thread was... i have heard they are working on a HEAVY LRAB...
i was not trashing the small 257 calibers or referring to them in anyway ...
i am only interested in hearing about..." if they are building a heavy AccuBond or lrab.""..
you guys may have beter results but i cant push anything over the 110 ab in my roberts
& anything over 100 Partition in the 250 sav is a drop in velocity of 100-150 fps
the long range aspect seems to pass me by... if i need to shoot 200+ yds i have other guns
the whole reason for the post was not to debate the best weight... only if anyone KNEW... OR HEARD... if a 120 plus LRAB was in the works... thats all.. sorry for the confusion
No issue, 7mmstw. Some of us have been drumming for a ABLR in the 115 range for the .257R as a higher priority, that is all. Not trying to dump on you, just frustration with being ignored, plus having the 6.5mm folks rapping at .257 users, as though there would be any difference in a world with more fair bullet ogive distribution.
I think the 125 ABLR might need a 1:9 twist or faster.
I believe that you are correct, Fotis. That is why I was asking for either a 110 gr ABLR or 115 ABLR. My .257 R is a 1:10 twist but I still could keep up with the 6.5mm's with a 110gr ABLR. It also would drum out some of the snickering about .257 R's by the 6.5 mm crowd who think they have something that we can't have? There but for an Ogive goes I?
if the bullet length of a 120 to 125 gn .257 stays somewhat close to the 129 lrab 6.5 and you can spin it north of 3200 fps it will shoot in a 1 in 10....that said i doubt they will only build a bullet for 1 or 2 calibers to shoot ...if it is done in the same design as the lrab 6.5 129 my 260 1 in 9 at 2750 spins it just fine... i however decided not to load anymore because the gain is so small inside of 300 yds over a 130 AccuBond or 125 Partition i didnt even notice it...(less than .5 inch at 300)
120 grainier at 3400 will spin in up to a 1-12 like some of the German 257 wby mark 5s ... velocity being the big factor...can it get there? will there be enough demand to produce it? i hope so...
time will tell
I too have thought that a higher BC .25 cal bullet would be nice...

But already, I'm holding on hair at 400 yards and making clean kills with the .25-06, so... Present bullets are indeed working out well with the velocity avail.

If we get a new gee-whiz, high BC .25 cal bullet, that will be great. If we don't, I suspect I'll fill as many tags as before anyway.

Regards, Guy
Anyone heard if nosler is working on introduction of now LRAB this winter?
Let's keep pushing for 125 in 257....even 120 would work....550 +bc
120 long range been 6 yrs
Still not out yet?
Still holding my breath…lol
Hornady 110gr ELDX, .465BC. About as good as it gets for a 1/10 twist .257 rifle. 3100 FPS is not out of the question for the aforementioned 257 Bob and 25-06. Carries 1000 FtLb out to 900 yds. That will reach out and touch something.