260 COAL


Jul 11, 2022
I’m reading that the 6.5 cm is better than the 260 rem only because heavy bullets must be seated deeper due to magazine dimensions. My 260 is on a Mauser 98 action so magazine size is not a factor. How much longer can I seat the 140 gr BT? My old eyes are too tired (s) to fool around with measuring with a marked dowel and wasting ammo testing when all I want is a reliable hunting load. Chamber and throat dimensions are pretty much standard right?
Yes if you are just looking for a standard hunting load and not wanting to mess around for the 260 I would just use the nosler load data for the 140's at 2.80 and they actually show the 260 faster than the 6.5.
Im on a trip now but when I'm home next week i can add what my COL is on my 260


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If you don't want to use a dowel - why not the cut-neck method?
Or making a dummy with a bullet set far out and setting it deeper, until the bolt closes without force?
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Make a dummy round with bullet seated out and coat it with a sharpie. Then keep chambering, coating and seating until there is no marks from the lands on the bullet. Not hard and doesn't cost much or take long. Dan.
I love a good M98 action. In all my rifles, I always load for magazine size but you are saying that magazine size is not a factor. Can you explain? What model rifle are you using? Why is the magazine not a factor in your case? For me, I would load the bullets out as far as my mag will allow me with a tiny margin for error to ensure smooth feeding. For hunting grade accuracy, I have never found bullet seating depth to be an issue. Could I be so bold (acknowledging I don't know your setup or motiviations) to suggest you could be over thinking it?