270win ABLR Abolt browning


Apr 7, 2019
So many great ideas. We don't have exceptionally hot weather, so the heat was never a problem for me. Rotating rifles was sufficient.
That’s been the way Ive done it for many years. The ChamberChiller is a little gadget I bought last summer. It fits in the chamber. A fan blows cool air down the bore, and it also serves as a chamber flag to signify a clear chamber. I chose red as the color of mine, but you can get it in yellow as well. It works.


Jul 6, 2022
your fired brass not growing in length after being fired is a sign of lower pressure , the pressure is not high enough to expand the brass . these lower pressure loads can give some weird brass and primer signs . it looks like 52.5 grains is the max load . I would start 4.0 grains below max as my minimum . I would be working 48.5 min - 52.5 max .
if you have a neck sizing die I would use that until you get your brass to fully expand . you can tell when it's fully expanded , the bolt will be a little tight when chambering your ammo . after you get the brass to this point , then you can set up your full length die to properly resize the brass case . if you don't have a neck sizing die , you can use the full length die by raising it up about 1/8 of a turn . this will allow your brass to be about .009" longer . try to chamber an EMPTY resized brass case to be sure it fits, BEFORE you load them up .if it doesn't fit , or it's tight to chamber just turn the die down a very little smidge at a time until it fits . when using the full length die adjusted up like this , it is normal to have the brass case get longer after sizing . this is why we check for fit before going any further .

the ABLR bullets are very finnicky . you might want to give the Berger bullet seating depth method a try with these .

you said 2.755" is about your max cartridge length giving a .077" jump .

lets load three rounds at 2.755" , three at 2.715" , three at 2.675" , three at 2.635" . lets shoot these 4 groups on separate targets and see what looks best . let us know when how you make out .

if you have any questions just ask .
I loaded some up this evening at all 4 of the seating debts you gave me with 3 of each at 51.0 51.3 and 51.5 since my most accurate group was 51.4 off of the load data that drmike gave me I’m gunna shoot them tommarrow so I’ll be back in touch with you tomorrow night to show you what it does