280AI with Ramshot Hunter


Dec 13, 2006
Barnes's data show impressive speed with Ramshot Hunter. Ramshot doesn't list in their own data (electronic and verified with phone call)

I found 160 PT with 58 gr of Hunter. Was going to substitute a 160 AB.

Anyone used? input compared to H4831 and 7828 (my stand bye)

Cutting my M48 to 20 inches for using a suppressor, thus slow powders will need to get it done quicker
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My 280AI has a 24" barrel. My go to powder is RL22 is my go to powder and delivers sub .5 MOA with bullet weights from 120 gr to 160 gr.
IMR7828 is amazing with the 168 ABLR.
I've never used Ramshot Hunter but would certainly consider it if I were to run out of RL22.

Thanks. I have used RL-22 in th past too.

Dropped of the barrel action for cutting and threading today. Will get it back next week.

Have 160 ABs loaded with H4831SC, RL-22 and 7828 SSC then some 150 Etips with 7828 (which shot great with the 24 inch barrel)
Should be a handy rig when you get it back. Since you already have loads developed, you should have a jump start with the shorter barrel.

From Hodgdon's online reloading data center. Hodgdon distributes Ramshot powders now. This is the 280 AI, with a 1:9 twist 24" barrel:

BTW - I've used Ramshot Hunter quite a bit with my 30-06 in recent years and also found a great 6mm Remington load using it and Nosler's 95 gr Ballistic Tip bullet. Hunter is a useful powder, easy to work with. Not entirely temperature insensitive, but I've sure never had any problems with it, winter or summer.

Regards, Guy
Picked up barrel today. Cute little guy.

The gunsmith suggested shooting in low light with various powders to ensure all the powder burn is within the barrel as to not foul the suppressor too much.

Off spring bear hunting tomorrow for a few days.....the sun is out and the bears will be moving.