.30-06 QL please


Nov 8, 2006
SJB358":28ylknk7 said:
Good luck in the hunting fields Mike. May the moose pass near the truck buddy!

Glad to see you getting some of your boomers out and working! You’ve got a brace of great rifles!

Been a while since I was sitting at the bench. Simply allowed myself to get too busy with life. I've not shot nearly as much as I should since my last truck crash. Pain seems to be a good incentive to become sedentary (not solely the result of senescence)! :shock:

My days of trekking through the mountains seems to be somewhere in the rearview mirror, but that doesn't keep the memory from creating a yearning! Our beautiful fall weather somehow gets me thinking about the mountains. Cool mornings and warm afternoons seems to make me dream of game.

I don't think I'll be hauling out any meat on my back anymore, but I can still shoot game and let some of the young fellows help with the hard work. (y) I'm focused more on the lighter stuff, but just had to work with a couple of these big boys since I reset the scope on them. The 358 had broken a mount and the 8X68 seemed to be wandering the last time I shot them. Now, it'll be 7X57, 6.5 Creedmoor, 280 Win and my own 30-06 for the coming couple of weeks when I make the trip to the range.

I do want to drag the 9.3X64 out. That was always a favourite, and the pain of the bench may be worth it. :lol:


Dec 24, 2006
That’s for danged sure. Enjoy the time and let the young backs get a little stronger.

Glad you got some of your old favorites out! They’re some cool darned rifles.