30-30 150 NBT question?


Aug 19, 2012
The 150gr Ballistic Tip made for the 30-30..anyone know if this has the "solid base, thicker jacket at the base" of other NBTs? It's the one with the plastic ball for a nose over a big cavity to open fast. My concern is how fast can I push it in the Ackley before it comes apart, or will it come apart at 2500-2600fps?
Hold it, I finally found a picture of a sectioned 150 RNBT, it does indeed have the Solid Base! Whoopee! I can't push it fast enough in this Marlin to hurt it, ha. Should be a good killer around 2500-2600 for sure!
Saw a buck one of my cousins shot with a 30-30-win factory load with this bullet few years ago. Was about 40 yds and it didn't create too big of exit hole maybe 1.5 inches but plenty of internal damage. Rifle was a Marlin 336. Dan.
That bullet is designed for 30-30 speeds.

Yes sir, I believe they do that by the big open cavity with the ball inserted. All NBTs, as you know, are very thin jacketed up front. But, the fact they have that thicker jacket that culminates to a solid base is significant. Even IF I could push it 2500+, I just don't see how that could compromise its design. Do you? I mean that's still pretty slow, comparatively speaking. I have had experience with the early NBTs and oh boy, were they "soft" (based on me using a 300WM/180 NBT pushing 3100+). I shot an antelope doe at 347 steps, but a softball exit hole! It was my first game animal with the 300WM, but not my first antelope, and they are "dainty", I just figured it was the 300 Mag did all the time! ha. Later that same year, I shot a nice 3 point muley buck around 75yds, He was below me in an aspen hollow, looking front on to me. I made a neck shot and it exited, and blew fragments of bone/bullet jacket into his withers. What a mess!
Now compare that to same early NBT ; the 150 from a 280 AI going 2950/perfection. A 308 with the 165 NBT going around 2600+ , also acted like a Partition. Seems they needed slowing down some. Thats why I "think" the 150 RNBT 30-30 at 2500+ "should" hold up OK on deer size game, "maybe" heavier game. For deer in Timber, hogs, cow elk, I have 170 (Fusions, Hot Cors, Corlokts) . And the Barnes Original 190 FN if they shoot well. What do you guys think?
Thanks Pard, I will certainly keep that in mind! I have a small amount of Speer 130FN Hot Cores that I know will hold up and be a great flat shooter. I want to use these Noslers mainly as plinkers, woods loafing/shooting and coyotes mainly. Time and testing will decide what I shoot mule deer with, and how far! I'm getting jazzed! lol