338 win mag 225gr. loads/feedback


May 7, 2015
Having a rifle built and now I need to think about loads. Never loaded for the .338, but I have some IMR4831, IMR4350, and RE 17/19/22.

I am wanting to work around a 225 grain bullet. I am thinking possibly a TSX, Partition, or A Frame. I want a tougher bullet as I built this rifle for a plains game hunt and it will be used for animals up to Eland.

Any loads, feedback, advice appreciated. Because we will be in Africa, I plan to back loads off at least 100 FPS to ensure heat/humidity doesn't put me in any overpressure situations. I think I would be just fine with a good 225 grain load in the 27-2800 FPS range (24" barrel)
Any of those powders will get you there, I'm running mine between 2850 and 2900 with 24 inch barrel. RL 17 will not be heavily compressed like the other powders. I have a Wby markv action so I have plenty of magazine length and .100 throat if I Need to seat the bullets long.
I'm using IMR 4350 with a 225gr bullet, getting about 2800 fps with a 24 inch barrel.
I used 74.0 gr of Re-19 with the 225 gr AB for 2782 fps out of a 24" barrel. Or 71.5 gr if IMR4350 for 2882 fps with the same bullet.

Factory ammo saw the older Federal Premium 225 gr AB at 2800 fps and the 225 gr TSX at 2800 fps with better accuracy (.75").
I heartily recommend the Barnes TSX for Plains Game, thick hides and solid muscles are like butter to them!
Just received my copy of the Hunting the Spiral Horns: Eland

The 338 Win Mag is one of the authors favourite cartridges used to hunt eland.

Due to the dewlap (loose skin under the neck and its trampoline effect) on the eland, they state that the minimum bullet weight for reliable penetration on eland with frontal shots is 250 grains. Not a problem with broadside shots.

It was also interesting to learn that quartering away shots at the vitals from the left side of the eland are not recommended as the stomach lays to the left side of the abdomen, and is the size of a 55 gallon drum. Only the largest and heaviest calibers and bullets have enough momentum to penetrate the stomach and its contents to make it into the vitals.

Eland is also on my list of plains game for which I was thinking if using the 338-06 on. I may have to work up a heavier load for eland in the event if a frontal shot presentation...thinking A-Frame.
I have used the 338 Win several years:

IMR 4350 @ 71.0
WW brass
WLRM primer

225gr Swift A Frame

Very accurate.......and Deadly.
RL17 and 19 are awesome for me in the 338 with 200-250 grain Bullets.

17 and 19 easily crest 2875 with 225 Partitions in my 25" P64.

4350 and RL26 both worked well too.
I have used 71-72 grns I4350 or 70-71 H4350 with CCI250s successfully w/ most 225s in several rifles. WW or Rem brass.
I used the 225gr Swift A-Frames in my 338win mag for Africa PG in 2013 and will again in 2017. I used IMR4350 powder.
When using Barnes bullets I use the 185grTTSX. They act like a lead core bullet weighting 240grs. With Barnes you want speed for good terminal performance and the lighter bullets helps with this without giving up ability on large animals. Use Barnes data for Barnes bullets.

I would use the Swift 225gr A-Frames. If you want my data PM me. Just be sure to use Swift data for Swift bullets. I have their books.