6.5 Grendel to the bench


Apr 5, 2014
I put together a starting load with 120 Grain Nosler E-tips and was hopeful they would work well. Unfortunately it didn’t end up good at all.
I adjusted the trigger pull down to 3.5 lbs from the 4.5 lbs set at the factory.
One thing I’ve noticed is this gun wants to creep to the right when I apply trigger pressure. I’ve never really noticed that before on my other guns in this rest.
The other thing is this gun is very robust about ejecting the rounds some distance and I had to get the metal detector out to find the cases in the grass as those little Grendel cases really hide in the grass.
The 100 grain ammo is doing well enough at this point to hunt with.
My first effort with the Etips was disappointing as well (180s in the 300HH). Looks like you’re well on your way with the Ballistic Tips.
I do enjoy the little Grendel. Ours are both AR platforms. I have that same rifle on my want list. I think, if you can find some, you'll quickly fall in love with the 120 BT, also the 123 SST flat out hammers deer and hogs. Rumor has it the 99gr hammer hunter works exceptionally well on game.
I’ve had success with E-tips working well in other calibers. May not be the best fit for this rifle.