6.5 Grendel???


Apr 5, 2014
Was looking at the Ruger American Ranch rifle and the cartridge I want to try is the 6.5 Grendel. I think It will be a fun gun to have on the homestead. Undecided if I want to put a regular scope on it or set it up for night vision but I’m thinking I might start with a Leupold 3-9.
Got a couple boxes of ammo today and should have all the reloading supplies I need to get started.

If anybody can shoot me some powder recommendations that will work well with the short barrel I would appreciate it.

I will probably start with 100 grain Ballistic Tips as I still have quite a few boxes from when Walmart was closing them out for $2.50 a box, but I have a pretty good variety of 6.5 bullets to choose from.

If I do use this for deer on the homestead I won’t likely be shooting much more than 100 yards so it doesn’t really have to be a tack driver.
When I had my tack driving 6.5 Grendel DMR that I built, I used CFE223.
My longest shot on steel was at 1000 with that little thing. Great cartridge.
Thanks for the options. Got several of the powders mentioned so will give me a good starting point.