Dec 24, 2006
I was goofing around with LVR this afternoon and 108 ELD.

Did a very brief work up with it to see how it looked at 2700+ with the 108’s in my gun.

31 grains looked pretty good to me. So I loaded 10 at 2.280 and burned em up.

Shortened them a bit

Tried a little shorter as well.

I’ll stick with 2.270 and just run it. With the 1-6 on top I’m not going to go crazy burning through bullets to find perfect.

The 6 ARC is just easy in my book. No trick moves or anything to make it make some speed and it seems eager to please. It should hammer coyotes as well. I’m hoping that 108 is as soft as others report. If so it should have some good swat.
Very nice work, Scotty. That does appear to be a most interesting cartridge.
Very nice Scotty. She seems to want to shoot.
That rig will be be rough on the coyotes.

I hope Jim. Those 108’s seem pretty soft. Shouldn’t leave a coyote standing
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Neat rifle and nice shooting, Scotty, especially for a 10 shot group. Yeah, that is a very interesting cartridge.
It is a neat cartridge. I like these little cases that work well on the AR15 platform. I started off with a Valk, then a Grendel, and now this 6 ARC. They really are nicely designed cartridges that work nicely on that smaller AR15 platform.

I need to get some 55-75 grain bullets for it and see if I can make up a faster sorta load. I don't usually dip down in weight too much but I'd like to see if I can get something running a bit faster.