70 VLD and 69 TMK

jason miller

Sep 4, 2012
I shot one of each of these into jugs the other day. MV on the VLD should have been just over 3,000 fps, and the 69 should have been closer to 3,050. Rifle is a Howa Mini with 1:9" twist barrel. Jugs were setup at 20 paces. Both bullets ended up in the third jug. Recovered bullets consisted of a pretty shredded jacket that expanded almost all the way to the base, along with a little bit of lead core that separated from the remaining jacket when poured out of the jug. They both looked just about like other cup and core bullets I've run into jugs. I was impressed that they both retained anything worth recovering, considering their small size and relatively high impact velocity. Unfortunately, I left both bullets at my parents' house, so weights and pictures would have to wait until I get back down there.
Nice. 3 jugs is enough to put the pain train on a deer or antelope. The 77 TMK did about the same thing in my 223 as well. Deadly bullet though. Accurate as heck.

Cool jug test though. Can’t wait to see the pictures.