75 gr ELD-M, .223 Rem, Mule deer buck

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My apologies for derailing your thread.
I agree and have been a fan of the A-Max and ELD-M for certain applications for a long time.
It's kinda funny, you wouldn't imagine all the flack I get for using them for LR big game hunting. Really only by people who don't know any better or different though so it doesnt bother me any...They certainly have their place for hunting if you know their limitations and do your job as a shooter. A close range, bone crushing bullet they are not. But give me a 300+ yard shot and they are my bullet of choice anyday for high shoulder/lung shots. They just plain work!
The only other target bullet I've used with great success was the big 338" 300g SMK from the 338 EDGE at 2850fps. It smacked elk like you wouldn't believe and left baseball size exits out to 900 yards. But I much prefer my little 7mm Mags these days with 180s, they're just a tad easier to shoot.
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Last I knew, the 3rd owner of that rifle has killed a few elk and bears with it and absolutely loves it, and will never sell it. Still shooting the 300g SMKs with 92g H1K. It was a hammer indeed, on both ends 🤣