7mm Rem Mag Finished


Apr 7, 2019
These aren’t the best pictures but you get the idea. It’s a Remington 783 in 7mm RM. I put a 26” X-Caliber barrel on with 1:8 5R rifling. Fired it and was able to get less than an inch from it at 200 yds with 175gr ELD-X’s.

Then I Duracoated it and the Burris Fullfield II with Rustic Bronze and cleared it as well. Then bedded, and redipped the stock in Strata camo because there were a few spots that bugged me. I then used Duracoat clear with a rubberized sand additive over the Strata hydro dip. It still has a couple weeks of cure time before hard use but I’m pretty satisfied with how it turned out. I did every bit of it myself in my workshop.E0971058-6564-42EB-9232-0DA044A9F8EE.jpeg1A09BD13-8EDD-46B2-8111-51829C72474A.jpeg007B67B0-425C-4E3A-AF88-3C681132D787.jpeg


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6mm Remington:1qb1eipo said:
Very nice. We need you to shoot it now and post up pics for us!
Thank you very much. This is the last 3 shots of break in for the barrel. 200 yd target but I didn’t measure the group. They were just break in loads I threw together with the 175gr ELD-X. I’m chomping at the bit to get out and start some real load work though.AB970FC7-1B9C-4E7B-B15A-781377C61273.jpeg
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Looks good! Great work. Can't wait to see what it does with some other loads if its already shooting that well!

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Very handsome, and a shooter as well. You have good reason to be pleased with how that has turned out for you.
Yup those x-caliber barrels shoot nice. My 22 creedmoor is very accurate. Nice work.
Very nice, good job! Appears to be a heck of a shooter.

You've made it much better but those 783's start out as darn good shooting budget rifles.
That is a very unique looking, fine shooting rifle, Kudos to you for doing the work yourself. Maybe I missed it, but what made you decide to swap the barrel? CL
cloverleaf":wujkfavt said:
That is a very unique looking, fine shooting rifle, Kudos to you for doing the work yourself. Maybe I missed it, but what made you decide to swap the barrel? CL
I figured if I was going to build one, I wanted a known match quality barrel with a fast twist at 26" for a little extra length to keep velocity up with heavier bullets. I still have the 24" factory barrel. I didn't fire the rifle before starting the work so the factory barrel hasn't even had a round fired through it.

It put 3 shots inside an inch at 200 yards with just a midway load of thrown powder charges and 175gr ELD-X's for break in. I'm hopeful it will improve with the precision loaded 3 round ladders I have ready to go for tomorrow. Maybe a little luck will be on my side as well. Fingers crossed.
Ok, as the last 2 years have passed I decided that I hated the hydro dipped stock, and the rustic bronze finish. I didn’t like it in the slightest of ways. So I went to work.
I stripped all the duracoat finish from the barrel and action then refinished it, the bolt, bolt shroud, and optics. You Better believe Duracoat is just that. It’s name is fitting to be sure. It’s an even more durable firearm finish than I could have ever imagined. I used Duracoat once again but used their Matte Blue/Black Durablue. IMO, it’s a beautiful finish and turned out utterly flawless.

I then ordered a Boyd’s Prairie Hunter stock. With a little sanding the 26” heavy sporter barrel is now fully floated with just enough clearance for a dollar bill to pass back to the barrel nut. I really like the light grain of the walnut. To me it resembles the French Walnut of a Model 70 Super Grade. I had them laser engrave the stock with skip line checkering and oak leaf accents. I think it’s a definite improvement over its initial look. I put a lot of time into the previous finish but couldn’t stand it. Now it fits my taste much better. I love a matte blue with a walnut stock. I’m going to bed the action to the stock this weekend and pretty much finish it up. I hope you all find it acceptable.


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The black is certainly classic looking. I thought it was attractive, but I confess that I like the wood stock much better, and the black is definitely classic.👍
This classic look is great and what is important is how you feel about your rifle. You like it better and that is what counts. Have all, you will be looking at it more than anyone else. Dan
You did good Joe. Before it was a good utility rifle and now it's turned into a classic. Either way it's yours and you are the one who needs to be satisfied. Now go scratch it up hunting, lol. Dan.
I like that you used Duracote instead of classic blueing. Newer finishes like that and Cerekote tend to look better than traditional blue in my opinion, and they have much better durability. Boyds makes excellent stocks, and I think it came together as a very nice rifle.