8mm (.323) 150gr. Hornady Interlock from 8x57


Mar 5, 2019
I recently settled on a load that Im going to be using for the 2019 WV Deer Season and I settled on the Hornady 150gr. Interlock. The gun is a Sauer 100 Classic XT. The load is as follows.
Lapua Brass
Fed 210 Primer
48.0 grs H4895
C.O.A.L. 2.975"

My testing methods aren't the best maybe but I think for my purpose it demonstrates this particular bullet's capabilities. I used milk jugs lined in a row filled with water. The testing distance was 100 yards.

Upon firing the bullet penetrated 4 milk jugs and was found laying on the bottom of the 5th jug.


The recovered Interlock did not separate from the jacket and the really expanded well.
Post Shot Stats
Weight - 100.2grs
Expansion - .622"

If you've wondered about this bullet in the 8x57, then I hope Ive given you some food for thought.
Always thought the 8x57 was a really cool round. That Hornady bullet did very well and will be excellent for deer sized game. Hope you have the chance to update this thread with a few deer taken by this load.
I know the odd metric calibers get no love in the world of fastest, highest ballistic coefficient, most accurate, etc, but I love the simple fact that for well over 100 years the 8x57, 7x57, 6.5x55 etc have been successfully taking down animals. They just plain work.

I will report back if I am successful this season.
The 8mm Mauser is a great round. You're correct that it doesn't get all that much love. Doesn't change the fact that it does work well. The Hornady IL will perform very well, indeed, at the velocities generated by your rifle.