A Little Rimfire Fun


Jan 14, 2008
Nice sunny day, so I took out 22LR, 22WMR and a 17WSM in the backyard. Moved a shooting bench to 50 yds. Wife came out with her 17HMR. We proceeded to enjoy the next hour. The WMR is the new Henry and I think it's a 50 yd 1" gun with the ammo I have.
I did run across a Sav 93R17 BTVSS. I used to have one and I sold it many years ago. Instant regret. Needed to replace it. Rail from Midway in the mail. About to be come a favorite. Rimfires are fun and still reasonably cheap to shoot. Well I remember box of 50 22LR for 49¢ Those were the days.
It must be fun shooting those little .22's. Reminds me of when i was a kid back in the days learning to shoot. Ol' Grandpa would make a stop at the Ace Hardware buying those .22's for around a buck something a box on the way to his ranch. Can't wait for that Vudoo .22 to come in sometime in late May or June. I already have two bricks of the SK Standard Plus and the 5-25x56 ATACR waiting.


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Love 22. Fond memories of exploding soda (pop, if you prefer) cans. No I keep one handy at the house for cleaning up duties, loaded with ear safe subsonics. *ahem* By that, I mean vermin. Like snakes, or armadillos. Or squirrels, if they're in season.
I replaced a Savage 93R17 BTVSS that I sold many years ago. I felt I needed a 17HMR again. This one is the blonde laminated stock. I'll have a scope mounted Friday and probably get a couple boxes of ammo thru it before I call it done for the day.
Easy way to get more trigger time right here in the back yard.