A tale of 2 bullets...XTP and A-Frame in 41 magnum carbine

Something is not adding up...

Swift says they maxed out with various powders (110, MP-300, Lil Gun) at around 1,430 fps from a 10 inch barrel.

Everywhere else you look that has pressure numbers with the load data is maxed out at 1,600+ fps with various jacketed 210 grain bullets.

I've went over data from Lyman, Speer, Sierra, Lee, and Hodgden... every one hits 1,600+ fps with 210 grain jacketed bullets, from a 10 inch barrel.

The Swift bullet is longer than the XTP, by .053", but that isn't enough to slow it down to that degree.

I'm not sure what the length of the Nosler bullet is, but I expect it's pretty close to the XTP.

I'm inclined to believe my load of 20.3 grains of 4100 at 1,705 fps from the 16.5 inch barrel is safe and then some.

Because I know from experience that 20 fps per inch is an accurate estimate for velocity per inch for barrels between 4 and 20 inches long with both the 41 and 44 mag.

Using that, my load would be 1,575 fps from a 10 inch barrel....66 fps below Accurate Powders data for a max load of 21.1 grains of 4100 with the Nosler bullet... that also applies within a few fps for Hodgden, Lyman, Lee, etc...I can see a .053" longer bullet costing 66 fps, the numbers fit.

Use that info however you want, I believe my load is safe...

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Reviving my thread from last year with an update...

Just got back from the range doing preseason shooting, the load using the 210 Swift A-Frame is still shooting spot on this year... but the load using the 210 Hornady XTP isn't, nothing changed, same batch of bullets, brass, powder, and primers but this one is now shooting a little low and to the right, and a 2 inch group at best... last year both loads hit the same point of aim and with similar group size.

Not sure what changed... but it did change... no worries though, the A-Frame load is the meat getter anyway, and its shooting into a nice ragged hole at 100 yards (~1 moa).

Still really enjoying my BBSC 41 mag! Truly a joy to shoot!

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I do know that the A-Frame is one tough bullet that works very well in tough game with cartridges that generate a higher velocity. I've always had unfailing success with that bullet.
Yeah I really like it in this 41 mag carbine.... the XTP is a good bullet but it doesn't b do so well above 1,500 fps when it hits hard bone.

That A-Frame though, anywhere from 1,000 fps on up to way faster than that 16 inch barrel will send it....it always looks just like the pictures in the advertisements.

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That A-Frame looks pretty serious. A 41 caliber hole and bad and you’re getting better than that. Should pound bucks well. Neat rifle and set up Lynn.
I'm working on a load better suited to the 210 XTP's too....I have a bunch of them so I gotta make them work for something.

Trying to get them accurate at around 1500 - 1600 fps from the Henry without buying more powder.

I have AA9, Longshot, and Power Pistol to work with....if I can find a load that shoots well at speed, the XTP should do pretty good.

I did some measuring on the bullets... the XTP's are .4095" and the A-Frames are .409".... not sure if that's why the Henry isn't liking them or not, just something I found while studying on what might cause it.

Of course there's the guilding metal vs pure copper jacket difference as well.

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