ABLR BC (Need to read this from Nosler)


Jun 12, 2009
After posting about 190gr/210grABLR in 30-06. I contacted Nosler about BC in the reloading manual vs what they had online which is lower for all bullets. This is e-mall I got from Nosler,

Mike Seay (mikes@nosler.com)
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Bend, Ore. – January 1, 2018 – In an effort to provide their customers with the most accurate information possible, Nosler sent their entire line of AccuBond® Long Range (ABLR) bullets to an independent testing facility to have their Ballistic Coefficients (BCs) tested and verified by Doppler radar. While the internal and external design and construction of the bullets remain the same, this process has resulted in a revision of their previously published BC numbers to more accurately match real-world flight characteristics.
Using Doppler radar to verify their BCs allows Nosler to provide the most accurate BC numbers to their customers while increasing the accuracy of long range ballistics calculations. To perform this critical testing, Nosler selected the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center (EMRTC) at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology. EMRTC is the largest privately owned ordnance and ballistic test facility outside the government, encompassing 40 square miles and over 30 test ranges. EMRTC is internationally recognized as a center for excellence in energetics and ballistics research and testing.
Nosler is pleased to provide these highly accurate BC numbers and feel confident that they will bring a new degree of precision to their customer’s long-range ballistics calculations. For the utmost accuracy, Nosler recommends using the G7 BC when calculating trajectories with the ABLR bullet line.
For more information on Nosler AccuBond® Long Range bullets, please visit http://www.nosler.com

Michael Seay
Customer Service Coordinator
Nosler Inc.
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Bend, OR 97702
800.285.3701. ext:1046
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I am glad to see Nosler posting doppler radar verified G7's.

the new G7 value for 142 grain 6.5mm is identical to Hornadys 140 ELD-M.

That certainly suggests the nosler tip is not deforming at long range.

I have come to completely trust the ELD-M and ELD-X line and am glad we can do the same for Nosler.
Now maybe the criticism will stop about the b.c. numbers. I hope they get the rest of their bullets tested with the new technology now. I would imagine most will rate lower but there are a couple I believe have a higher b.c. than what Nosler rates them right now. The two 35 cal Accubonds come to mind and I have heard that the 338 200 gr AccuBond has a higher b.c. as well.