ABLR close distance performance


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Apr 19, 2022
I will be done firing my virgin brass and breaking-in a 270wsm barrel soon.

In my experience with 270wsm, the 150gr bullets like to run between 3150 to 3250 fps. My history with this cartridge is with 150 vld and ballistic tips but have never hunted with 150 ABLR.

I'm pretty sure they are a softer bullet that helps it expand at lower velocities. If I'm running them this fast what kind of terminal performance should I have in a closer shot at like 50 to 100 yards?

I'd like to hear everyone's experience with ABLR on closer shots, especially the .277 cal. 150gr ABLR.

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Shot placement is always paramount...
That said I can't say how well they'd do against thin skinned game
One of the problems with the failsafe bullet and early Barnes from days of yore. Worked great on thicker skinned game but very unpredictable on whitetail type game. Something usually has to give, right? If it's tough enough for tough hide can it really be soft enough for soft hide?
I can't answer that one as I've been hesitant to use them on our elusive whitetail in Pennsylvania. While some can get good size they just aren't very tough skinned and the reputation of the bullets I mentioned still lingers.

Perfect shot placement supersedes all else but more times than not hunting is unpredictable.

I'm sure some others will chime in on the subject.
My buddy was using ABLRs in his 6.5 Creed to hunt deer. The first buck was shot in the neck and the bullet blew a grapefruit size hole out the back. The second buck was shot on the shoulder and the ABLR left a large and nasty hole on the entrance side. Both bucks were around 100yds and they were both killed.
"I will have to try the 7mm 150gr ABLRs. They may not offer anything more in my 7x57 but should be great in my 280 and 7mm Rem Mag. Wish they would offer a .257 120gr."

I wish you luck. I've tried the 150 gr. 7MM ABLR in three 7x57 rifles and a .280 Rem. and so far, accuracy sucks big time. I haven't quite given up yet although there has been a three plus year hiatus since I fired a shot from anything. Btwen a bad vehicle wreck and health problems I can tell you the date I fired my last shot. december 27th, 2019 which brought down a nice cow elk for the freezer.

During that hunt while eating lunch with my guide, we were discussing cartridges and bullets like most of us do and I was telling him about my work with the 150 gr. ABLR. He said he thought it was a fine bullet out past 200 yards, especially when fired from magnum rifles. Within 200 yards it could get very messy. I can get it close to 2900 FPS from a 22" Winchester M70 7x57 running RL17. Groups run at or near 3" to 3.5" depending on how well I'm shooting. That same rifle will do the same velocity running a 150 gr. Nosler Partition with groups running .50" to .75" depending on how well I'm shooting. My Ruger #1A 7x57 is at best a 1" gun with most loads but scatters the ABLR all over the place. My last 7x57 is a custom based on an FN Mauser action with 23" barrel. It has a problem that my gunsmith need to attend to before I can do anything more with it
The one trial run with the .280 Rem. did not show much promise. That rifle runs groups in the .50" range on average.
This doesn't mean I've given up on the bullet. I think it might be the perfect one for the 7x57 depending on how you load it. I use 7-08 data and work up to max. The ABLR at 2880 FPS should reach out and touch something. I just have to find a load that works regarding accuracy and test for close range hit performance I'm not too sure I'd trust it under say 200 yards on something like a cow or spike elk for the freezer. I may just save them for paper and derer and use the partitions for elk. Let me know what works for you.
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I wouldn't worry myself. They're soft but under closer range impacts they've still held onto a good 30-40% overall weight mushroomed base.