Annealing vs not annealing at 1000 yards


Dec 26, 2016
Fun video. Shooter and his spotter. 5 rounds without annealing, 5 rounds with annealing.

I don’t have the gear or skills to shoot like this guy, but I know some of you do...

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Also interesting he was 2” at 1000 yards with his magneto speed attached... wow.
If last shot was 8fps slower than the two before it. The guy is a reloaded too! Minimal ES.

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Wow. I was impressed with the first group. Didn't know it was going to get better. I immensely respect the game, I just have no interest in becoming that single minded in pursuing it. I far too much enjoy the mixture of rifles I shoot. Not that I could get to that level anyways, but wow that's impressive all the way around. Equipment, loads, shooter.
I would have never dreamed those two neighbors that basically built me an annealer from spare parts.. asked why anneal..? For me, it’s about not ruining expensive brass.. but if I get better groups... I m in.

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I was thinking about this as I worked .they told on their selves at about 1:05, he was told to dial up 1.5 minutes . at 1000 yards that would move the group roughly 15 inches . 1.5 minutes is about 1.5 inches per hundred yards . if the group moved up 3 inches he's shooting at 200 yards . group moves 4.5 inches he's at 300 yards .
jimbires":31ht6495 said:
call me a doubter . that guy just shot world record groups at 1000 , with a regular rifle , magneto speed , and harris bipod .

this article has record group sizes . these would be shot with the best of equipment, and the best of shooters . ... be-amazed/ ... h-300-wsm/

Jim, I hate to accuse somebody of something without knowing all the facts, but you might be right, some things aren't adding up.

Some trick photography/video that wasn't done right maybe. Time how long it takes for the bullet to get there after each shot. Using the stopwatch on my old flip phone I'm showing right at 3 seconds.

Now I learned in grade school that there is 3 ft in a yard. So 1,000 yards would be 3,000 ft.

I'm pretty sure if I aimed at the sun at about noon, my comparatively slow and awful B.C 200 grain stubby round nose bullet in my 35 Rem could make it to 1,000 yards in 3 seconds.

Sum ting not right. :? :)
my thoughts are .

the groups are to good for what he's shooting ,and the way he's shooting it . he dialed up 1.5 min of elevation for group two , at 1000 yards that's 15 inches . it doesn't look like the second group is 15 inches higher than the first group . he needed no help to put up a great first group . but the spotter explains how to shoot for the second group . a guy shooting this good needs no help watching the wind . could you shoot a decent group with the spotter shouting now , hold up , now ? talk about putting the pressure on the shooter . I think I'd have tightened his hat another half turn . LOL
Anyone who’s says “Send It!”..... should get punched in the throat. Anyone who demands the shooter “send it” on command of the spotter.... should receive a follow-up punch to the throat.

Stupid video all the way around.

Annealing creates consistency.... consistency leads to accuracy.... pretty easy to see why it’s a benefit.
Annealing works , video does seem a little fishy with the camera delay. If the IPSC target to the right is full size , he dialed all of 2 minutes from the center of first group. As stated before internet doesn’t lie :lol:
Maybe a good point to end this thread...

It’s all good.

Annealing beats not annealing IMO, even if the video is annoying.


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