Antelope stew


Dec 13, 2013
About a month ago I visited the Kessel’s and collected a pretty nice lope. DRT and quickly cooled I hoped to find him to be good eating even though the rut was in full swing. Couldnt be happier with the meat quality. Spent yesterday prepping for Elk season, opens next wednesday and closely followed by deer in Eastern Montana. Meals are made in advance, vaccum sealed and frozen. Fire up the wood stove , drop the bag into the attached hot water tank and dinner is ready by the time camp is squared away for the evening. Received an “oh my lord that’s good“ from Catherine for my antelope stew.
Pray it dosent snow too much we hope you all continue to have very successful seasons.
Potatoes, carrots tomato’s, onions were all grown here. Still have to shop for spices. Dutch oven belonged to Catherines Grandmother.


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It certainly appears delicious. That the major ingredients are courtesy of your own efforts makes the dish that much more attractive.
8 inches to a foot of snow, got in all right got camp set up. Catherine was great help, setting up those 20 foot wall tents by yourself is a lot of work.


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My- what pretty country! Hunting like that is intriguing to me. Look forward to the tale. CL