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Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
Managed to fall on my 16" Bushmaster and break the buttstock. It's just the factory adjustable stock, nothing fancy.

I like keeping my AR type rifles simple, light and sturdy.

Recommend a replacement buttstock? The extension tube is fine, just the buttstock is broken, right at the factory sling attachment point.

Thanks, Guy
I use as much Magpul stuff as I can.
First, I like their stuff.
Second, I have a lot of respect both for the fact they left CO when the anti-gun legislation passed and that they took care of the majority of their people when they left.

Hope you are OK from the tumble. We don't bounce quite as well as we once did. :grin:
I couldn't agree more, I really like magpul products. Are you wishing to keep with a 6 position collapsable or fixed?

I like their MOE furnature and the moe sl definitely keeps with simple and sleek. I'd treat yourself and pick up one of their MOE kits for a whole new facelift/upgrade for your ar.

If your looking to go fixed I really like the ace skeleton that I have on this bushmaster modular 16. Light, trim, and not as cold on your face in cold weather

Staying with a telescoping buttstock. I like to collapse the rifle down as compact as possible when in the Jeep, or hiking.

Was thinking Mag Pul.

If you get a chance check out the MOE furniture. I really don't think you can go wrong with them.
Dwh7271":143h8qxb said:
Hope you are OK from the tumble. We don't bounce quite as well as we once did. :grin:

Yup. I'm fine. Just ticked that I got clumsy and broke my rifle. :oops:
Vltor might give you some problems if you skip shaving for a few days. I'm personally a fan of the standard carbine stock but the Magpul is great stock as well.

The ACE collapsible stock is great too but I don't know if it works with the standard buffer tube.
Have to agree with all the votes for Mag-Pul, put a CTR on my AR and I really like it. Far better than the cheapo that came on it.
Magpul is good stuff. Started by a Marine and there are a few good ones I know working for the company.

I like their stance and fortitude to do what they say they would and put out quality to the consumer.
I'll echo- Magpul is good stuff. I like their UBR stock... However, I've found that mission first tactical collapsible stocks has less wobble than magpuls. Tons of styles and manufactures to pick from.

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My Black Friday Ar15 all magpul'd up with geissele SD-E trigger. I really like the ergonomics of the MOE line of furniture