Bear Season!

Well I found him, well where’s he’s been. Really fresh sign but no visual. Just a matter of time till we shake hands.
Good luck everyone & here is one from the back yard. While there has been a Black Bear on the street I live. I made these for the little Kids since more families are out walking since the COVID Virus hit.


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Pretty cool.

I haven't been out yet, but temps are easing. Time to make the effort.

I made it out for the weekend and saw one bear Saturday morning. It did not offer a shot opportunity but we were glad to at least see one. Hopefully we can get back out there this weekend.

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It's been 100+ in my area the last 2 weeks. If you see them, they're more than likely going to be in the creek bottoms near water and in the heavy cover to stay out of the hot weather. Best of luck to you guys!
Ya, I haven't even been out - except a casual drive in the Jeep with binoculars. Ya, there was a rifle in the Jeep too, but it didn't even come out.

Was hot enough out of the A/C that I thought I might go share some swimming hole on the creek with the bear. Dang.

Snake River/Hells Canyon would be your best bet. Place is full of bears...I'm sure they offer or do something like that. Or you could probably DIY...
Damn bears, I’ll send you some damn bears. I hope all you all get your bears.
Seriously, good luck to everyone

About 90 seconds ago my boat was parked where that trail comes down, had intended to wade and fly fish there. Grumpy old bastard ran us out.

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Hell yes. I sent that at 0630 this morning. At 7 I was walking down to the dock all hell broke loose, dogs ran a bear out of camp. We have seen a bear nearly every day. I’m over it.

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My wife drew a WI tag after a 5 year wait. Season starts September 9th this year. We have 3 baits going but one is controlled by a sow with 3 cubs so we don't bait it as often. The other 2 baits have good bears on them. If she get a chance at one of the good ones, we will need a drag team to help us get it out of the woods. She has been shooting her bow and feels really good. Now we just need the acorns to stay in the trees and the corn to stop growing so the bears stay on the bait sites.

Good luck to everyone this year.
I booked off a few weeks for early fall hunting. Undoubtedly, it will include black bear. Initially, I'm focused on a young moose and/or elk. However, I will be in good bear territory. There are quite a few grizzly in the area, but they are protected. So, I'll watch them when the occasions permits. Always love watching them go about their business.
Ya, I haven't been nearly as serious about my bear hunting as I'd intended. Weather is cooling a bit. Maybe that will help motivate me.

Sure am getting a lot of work around the house done though. Sigh...

Huckleberries should be ripe, I’m thinking you need to go look for some

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