Bedding Actions


Feb 6, 2022
As a general rule of thumb will fully bedding the action in a fiberglass stock on a bolt action rifle improve accuracy? Are there different types of bedding and if so what is the preferred method?

What are the pro's and con's to bedding an action? Is there any potential downside to bedding the action?

I've used Brownell's Acura Gel for both wood and synthetic stocks with no issues. The only downside is if you don't get enough release agent on the action and barrel where bedding compound will be. Then it's stuck or get out the hammer and chisel. Once owned a Win Mod 70 243win that some guy had bedded and got stuck. Grouped good just couldn't remove from the stock. All in all, bedding can be effective. Dan.
IMO-the full benefit of bedding an action comes when installing aluminum pillars into a blank synthetic or wood stock. I prefer skim bedding my actions into stocks that already have pillars or full length bocks. I have used all sorts of epoxy, but the last few guns I did all have JB Weld (works great). Ernie has some cool writes up on bedding that proven to be very accurate when followed;
I've only bedded one myself ...model 70 30-06 in a McMillan stock with pillars...I used MarineTex grey epoxy which worked great, the rifle was a decent shooter in the factory stock, but in the bedded McMillan it was creeping up on benchrest accuracy, with loads it liked, such as 168 grain Ballistic Tips over H4350.
I use MarineTex as well. JB Weld is more brittle and thin so it tends to run more. I prefer thicker bedding compounds. Acraglass is good but not at tough as MarineTex.
here is a write up I did on a bedding job . there might be a few tips to help you .

if the rifle is bedded properly , it can only help .
I don't think there's a downside unless its done wrong. I have started doing more pillar bedding lately. And if the rifle has a plastic bottom metal/trigger guard I would highly recommend upgrading to alum or steel so you can torque it down properly without squishing some plastic.
I've done several.

They are not difficult to do, and I have seen accuracy and repeatability improvement in bedding them.

Have you bedded any rifles previously?
I am having a gunsmith with an excellent reputation in PA do it for me. Also adding a small picatinny rail to the tip of the forend and possibly a small swiss arca plate to boot!
Pros: Improvement in accuracy
Cons: Cost, time, and a little extra weight dependent upon amount and type of bedding compounds and pillars

In the end it is a worthwhile investment!